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National Nutrition Month
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COVID-19 Remembrance
March 11, 2021 marked the one-year anniversary since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. One year ago – life for most of us came to a screeching halt as we witnessed the world shutting down. We could not gather, we could not visit our neighbors, many could not connect with family and friends and many were afraid to leave their homes all-together. Restaurants and stores closed, business halted, factories stopped production, schools shifted to virtual learning environments … for a time, we lived in a global ghost town.  

This month, Fellowship Square residents at all four properties were invited to create ‘remembrance’ rocks that were placed in a rock garden at each property. Messages could include the names of loved ones lost this past year, expressions of feeling, poems, pictures, scripture … anything that residents wanted to impart. On Monday, March 22, residents placed their rocks in the gardens and took time to reflect and remember the past year.
Rock from the rock garden and a woman holding rocks
Scenes from the Lake Anne Fellowship House rock garden project.
collage of residents painting the rock garden and a basket of rocks
The Hunters Woods Fellowship House rock garden project shows resident's creativity.
collage of rock garden and resident images
Lake Ridge Fellowship House residents work on their rock garden.
three photos of rock painters and heart shaped rock garden
The Largo Landing Fellowship House rock garden is truly unique.
National Nutrition Month Sets the Stage for Healthy Habits
breakfast foods
March is ‘National Nutrition Month,’ a time to promote nutrition education and to help us focus on making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. Good nutrition is especially vital for seniors as health issues are more prevalent among this segment of the population, and healthy eating is of paramount importance to all.

Fellowship Square recently hosted two resident programs in support of National Nutrition Month. The first was a virtual ‘Community Wellness Seminar’ held on March 2 that addressed why too much sugar is bad for us and what one can do to limit sugar intake. The takeaway: It is not necessary to avoid all sources of added sugars … the main issue is that many of us include too many sources of added sugars or eat and drink larger amounts than what is recommended. When this happens, there is less room for more nutritious food and drink.

The second virtual ‘Community Wellness Seminar’, held on March 16th, addressed healthy eating on a budget. A person’s grocery budget can be a big slice of their monthly expenses, so it is important to keep in mind that good nutrition is a key to healthy living and should be heavily considered when purchasing food. Curtis Whitlow, Service Coordinator at Lake Anne Fellowship House, also shared tips on how to cut down one’s grocery bill without cutting out ‘the good stuff’!
An Up-Close Look at the New 
Lake Anne House

On Friday, March 5th, Fellowship Square staff got ‘up-close and personal’ with the new Lake Anne House during a site walk-through.

Fellowship Square’s CEO, Christy Zeitz, along with other staff and a few board members were able to spend some time on site as the new structure takes shape.
This beautifully decorated common area is an artist's rendering of the new Lake Anne House.
Keep up-to-date on our progress at
Lake Anne House!
Visit our new Lake Anne House website for the latest information.
Where is Home?
Fellowship Square has a long history of providing apartment homes that seniors with very limited income can afford. As the nation’s senior population continues to grow, senior housing in general is a major segment of the country’s housing industry. 

Many who have struggled all their lives to make ends meet, are finding themselves with very little to show for it when they stop working. Due to circumstances like a major illness, a divorce, disability, or other life-changing event, once a person stops working, there’s little to no income to pay the bills.

Older adults are at the center of the nation’s housing affordability and homelessness crisis. Justice in Aging and the National Low-Income Housing Coalition co-authored a new issue brief, Low-Income Older Adults Face Unaffordable Rents, Driving Housing Instability and Homelessness, that dives into the data behind what’s driving this crisis and offers policy solutions that will help ensure no older adult is pushed into homelessness.  

While we at Fellowship Square celebrate a major accomplishment — vaccinating more than 74% of our residents, and are hopeful an end to the pandemic is on the horizon, the ongoing work of housing those most vulnerable is a never-ending focus and one that everyone can support. 

Please get involved — or stay involved — in our work! Your support, along with that of others, helps us fulfill our mission. Renew your commitment to our work as we emerge from some of our darkest days and begin to breathe life back into the place that Fellowship House seniors call home.

Much gratitude,
Christy Zeitz
Grateful for New Partnerships
Fellowship Square is grateful for a new partnership with the local chapter of ICNA Relief and a renewed relationship with the Association of Physicians of Pakistani-Descent of North America Alliance, DMV (APPNA Alliance-DMV). Together the two organizations contributed food donations and teams of volunteers to sort and deliver food directly to Fellowship House residents’ apartments. 

On February 14, they delivered 115 boxes and bags of food to Lake Anne Fellowship House residents and on March 13 they delivered 75 boxes of fresh produce and 150 bags of nonperishable and frozen foods to the residents of Largo Landing Fellowship House. Thank you for providing our residents with healthy foods!  
volunteer gives resident a bag
Above right, Lake Anne Fellowship House resident M. Kim receiving food from an APPNA Alliance volunteer.
volunteers sorting food
ICNA Relief and APPNA Alliance volunteers sorting food donations for Largo Landing Fellowship House residents.
2 men loading boxes onto a van
Ammar A. and Maaz S. unloading food from the ICNA Relief van at Largo Landing Fellowship House.
Congratulations to Norma Ferman!
Norma Head shot
Norma Ferman
Assistant Community Manager,
Hunter Woods Fellowship House (HWFH)

Norma Ferman, is the second member of this year’s S.L. Nusbaum Realty Company’s “Winner’s Circle” for setting a great example in demonstrating commitment.  

Norma was nominated by Tehanny Pica, Community Manager at Hunters Woods Fellowship House:
“Norma has been working at HWFH for 25 years and has continuously shown her commitment to the residents and staff. She began working as a Housekeeper and, through her hard work and great efforts over the years, she has moved up the chain of command to her current role as Assistant Community Manager. She is a shining example of what it takes to succeed – her service to the residents in our community has been evident over the years in many ways.
"On several occasions, she canceled vacations or personal appointments to make sure that her job responsibilities and the building were running smoothly. And at the present time, we are under renovation at the property and have an especially demanding schedule. She takes great initiative to work with staff, contractors, consultants and, of course, our residents to ensure all processes and procedures remain on schedule with minimal disruption and inconvenience. 
"She is committed to making sure resident concerns are handled in a timely manner. We’ve had a few residents diagnosed with COVID – Norma took the lead on checking with their family members and keeping me informed on their condition. Residents and staff are all very proud of her accomplishments and are grateful for the commitment Norma has shown at HWFH for the past 25 years.”
Congratulations to Norma and all of the honorees! We are so proud to have you on our team!
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