Your Trip is Cancelled. Where is Your Money Right Now?
We hope you are staying healthy and doing as well as you are best able to. For those who have cancelled your airline tickets, cruise or land vacation in February or March for this summer or fall but still have not received your refund, future cruise credit or future travel voucher. What happened? See details below.

Please note that if our agency did not make your reservation, we are not allowed to assist in any modification or change to your booking in any form or fashion. We must respectfully decline to assist on any such requests made.

If you have questions, call us at 626-733-7874.
Until recent events (COVID-19), the September 11th terrorist attacks were the worst thing that happened to air travel. In fact, most travel companies used 9/11 as a measure of how ready they are if disaster strikes again.
  • After 9/11, there were 70,000 domestic flights cancelled affecting 10,500,000 passengers.

  • Due to COVID-19, there have been 1,000,000 domestic flights cancelled affecting 150,000,000 passengers.

  • That is 14 times more than the "Worst-Case scenario".

  • There are 4 million international flights cancelled due to COVID-19 affecting 590 million passengers.
Let's consider other elements of your vacation.

There were 30,000,000 people who took a cruise last year. There were 21,000,000 people who visited Disney World. There were 43,000,000 people who visited Las Vegas. This didn't include that Caribbean all-inclusive vacation you were going to take, or that land tour to Europe, or just a drive yourself vacation to the beach or a theme park.

This means there could be almost 800,000,000 transactions from airlines and travel providers that could be affected.

The check for future cruise credit or future travel voucher is in the mail. The refund for airline tickets is credited back to the same credit card being used for purchase.

When will I receive my refund?

  • When your vacation was cancelled or when you cancelled it is not relevant.
  • When you are to take your vacation determines when your request will be processed.
  • If you cancelled your September vacation in March and still have no news from the travel provider, you are not forgotten. Those whose vacations were in March and April and now May and June will be processed first.
  • The queue of refunds is so deep that some providers temporarily inhibited everybody's ability to process refunds so that they could process what they have already and slow down the outgoing cash flow.
  • Once your refund has been requested, it could take 8-24 weeks to get your refund, future cruise credit or future travel voucher.

Take a deep breath. It is being handled. It may not be on your timeline, but it is being taken care of.

Daydream of your next destinations. Bookmark those ideas until we are able to travel again. Read about them or call us for a chat!
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