We are excited to introduce our new monthly series, Where Are They Now?, a snapshot of what our Omaha Alumni are doing these days!

Catching up with Josef Wees:

What is your favorite Jewish memory growing up in Omaha?
My fondest memories are walking from Columbian Elementary School to the JCC after school. I lived on the basketball court with my brother, and spent a lot of time in the canteen buying treats and "causing chaos"!

Where are you living now?
Following graduation from the University of Oregon, I landed in Des Moines, Iowa, working with the Iowa Stars professional hockey team. After 1.5 years, I drove to Los Angeles, where I'm still living today with my two beautiful sons.

What are you doing today?
One opportunity led to another, and I am the Executive Vice President of Creative Advertising at Universal Pictures, creating the advertising for movie trailers helping to sway ticket sales.

When was the last time you were in Omaha, and what was the biggest change?
I was last in Omaha in January, so I didn't notice too much change because it was too cold to do anything ;). The JCC has changed a lot. I hadn't been in the facility in years. It's become such a beautiful space.