Welcome to Where Are They Now?, a snapshot of what our Omaha Alumni are doing these days!

Catching up with Barry Kaiman:

What is your favorite Jewish memory growing up in Omaha?

My fondest memories are going to Camp Herzl the summers of 1962,1963, and 1964 with my Omaha friends. We took the train by ourselves from Omaha to Minneapolis, and then rode the bus from Minneapolis to Camp Herzl in Webster, Wisconsin.
Another favorite memory is going to all my friends’ Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, followed by going to the movies and having dancing parties!  We continue to be close friends and periodically see each other in Omaha, Palm Springs, and/or Scottsdale. Our fun group has included -Danny Milder, Bob Guss, Alan Parsow, Ira Fox, Johnny Hoberman, Jerry Raznick, Gary Soiref, Mark Wolpa, Judy Lincoln, Carol Simons, Lynn Nogg, Debbie Miller, Susie Friedman, Linda Farber, Sandy Bernstein, Sally Simon, Kathy Greenberg, and Cathy Davis.  

Where are you living now?

I’m living in Ranch Mirage with my wife, Toni Victor. I went to the University of Nebraska School of Law and practiced law in New York City. My wife and I moved to Los Angeles in 1977, and it was the smartest thing we ever did. We never hired a babysitter, because we lived close to my in-laws, and our children were able to see their grandparents all the time. Moreover, my mother, Ann Kaiman, moved there, too, to be closer to her grandchildren before moving back to Omaha

What are you doing today?

I retired last October, but I’m more active now than EVER! I serve on the boards of The Jewish Federation of the Desert, Stand With Us, Temple Sinai, and our homeowner’s association. I golf 4-5 times a week- in fact, in the last few weeks, I've played golf with Alan Parsow, Paul Epstein and Tom Fellman!

When was the last time you were in Omaha, and what was the biggest change?

I return to Omaha frequently to visit family and friends, attend Nebraska football games, and much more. Every visit includes a stop to the Jewish Community Center, Rose Blumkin Jewish Home (my mom spent her last year there, and they were very good to her), the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society, the Beth El cemetery, and of course La Casa Pizza! Omaha will always be home to me.