The Whole World Changes . . . 
When a Child Has a HERO

Emaculate Adhiambo is a star student - with a future as bright as her mind.  A junior at Rang'ala Girls, Emaculate ranks  5th in her class of 708 girls .  

But the REAL STORY is how her SPONSOR gives this gifted young woman opportunity to gain an education.

Abandoned at age ten, Emaculate and her five siblings were raised by their grandmother. The family had no dependable food supply and no resources for schooling. Without a sponsor, Emaculate's education would end at grade 8.

This is why Emaculate calls her sponsor her HERO, her role model and inspiration.   Emaculate is headed for a university scholarship.  She wants to become a pediatrician and give back to her family and community.  Her SPONSOR is, indeed, the HERO of this story because when a bright child has a sponsor, the whole world changes.

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" I have been blessed with fruitful educational opportunities. I am so happy to be able to 'pay-it-forward' so that capable young women, like Emaculate, can be given the chance to excel intellectually, become leaders, and make a difference in their communities."     Dr.  J.K., Wauwatosa, WI   
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