September 2015 Newsletter
When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom
This balanced and thorough article in The Atlantic gives a well-researched overview of the Mindfulness in Education movement. It's woven around the real-world experience of Mindful Schools Certified Instructor Argos Gonzalez, who teaches mindfulness in his English class at a high school in the Bronx. It's a wonderful piece to share with anyone who's interested in the movement we're all building together.

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Our Mindful Schools curriculum teaches gratitude as a habit of mind. Just as we can develop the skill of paying attention, noticing the present moment, we can learn to deploy gratitude. When we teach students to seek ways to be grateful for small everyday acts of kindness, what's already around them, some kids struggle. Perhaps an aborted trip to the corner store or a disappointing test score makes them feel empty of ideas. But if we joke, "So who's got clothes on in the classroom today?" they giggle. "Does that mean someone cared enough about you to make sure you were provided for?" Then they can whip up a "Gratitude List" of actions. As students get used to the notion that their "List" is never finished, they notice more simple pleasures and surprises in life. The habit of gratitude becomes a benefit of their mindfulness practice. This excellent article from GreatSchools gives more ideas for everyday gratitude in your family or your classroom.  

We're Hiring for Three Positions!

The best candidates often come through our network, because you know us and understand our approach to this work. If you know any strong candidates, please share these jobs with them!

Marketing Manager [Apply by Sep. 27]

We are hiring a Marketing Manager to help generate broader awareness of our work, to connect educators with courses that can help them, and the deliver on day-to-day marketing department functions such as advertising, promotional activities, and other related tasks. Learn more about the job, benefits and more here. 

Course Admissions Specialist [Apply by Sep. 27]

We're looking for someone with fantastic interpersonal skills who can brilliantly and mindfully work in a high volume, fast paced environment, shift gears and priorities elegantly and is a quick learner with exceptional organizational, MS Office (especially Excel) and CRM skills. Learn more about the job, benefits and more here. 

Major Gifts Officer [Apply by Oct. 11]

The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of cultivating, soliciting, and closing major gifts (gifts of $50,000+) from both individual donors and family foundations. Having an established personal network of potential major donors will be critical to success in this position.
Apply here.   

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Develop a personal mindfulness practice to deepen self-awareness and increase well-being.
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Bring mindfulness to youth to help them build attention, self-regulation, and empathy.
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