Loss Can Be Unpredictable

The loss of a spouse is unbearably hard. When they were a primary breadwinner, it can mean the loss of one’s housing, too.


That’s what happened to Manny, who at 60 lost his wife just as his body was giving out from a lifetime of physical labor. Sustaining contracting jobs was increasingly difficult, and his apartment was increasingly unaffordable.


To make rent, he sold his tools, reduced his expenses, and bargained with his landlord. Still, after months of living on next to nothing, Manny was forced out and resorted to sleeping in his car.

Now a resident of the Brisben Center, he has switched careers and is again earning a viable wage, which he sets aside for future housing costs. An affordable apartment is still elusive, but Manny has confidence that things will fall into place. His heart remains open to the memory of past love and the reality of love all around. His healing enriches us all.

Take a look at this short video and see the Brisben Center through the eyes of a former resident and their path to success.

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