Waxing Crescent with an illumination of 1.35%

July 6 the moon is 0.54 days old.

The moon governs Cancer,

placing it in its natural domain.

The new moon is indeed a time to dream,

but it’s also a time to receive visions...

More divinely feminine

through the influence of yin energy,

soft and receptive... Full reading

It all about water!

Fossil Creek was closed last week,

but there is another Arizona gem!

Wet Beaver Creek is a perennial stream with one major tributary, Dry Beaver Creek. The confluence of the two is at McGuireville, Arizona. Beaver Creek flows past Montezuma Well and Montezuma Castle before joining the Verde River near Camp Verde, Arizona.

As a cardinal water sign, the Cancer zodiac sign embodies emotionally driven actions; it leads with sensitivity. This period encourages you to follow your emotional instincts and deep feelings to guide you through this new cycle.

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Perfect Day In Paradise!