May 6, 2024

The Transformative Impact of House Calls: Part III

Blair Findlay, HCCI Development Associate, rode along with Dr. Paul Chiang, HCCI’s Senior Medical and Practice Advisor and Northwestern Medicine HomeCare Physicians Medical Director, for a day of house calls. In this series, Findlay shares her experiences from that day. Read parts I and II.

In part I of this series, I mentioned how meeting patients in their homes allows house call providers to see the whole patient—not just the parts they show in the office.

One patient we visited, “Quang” (the name has been changed for privacy), had just been released from the emergency room and had a serious diagnosis. Quang lived with his wife, his daughter and her husband, his son, and two children.* He was in a makeshift hospital bed behind a curtain in what was once the family’s dining room.

During Quang’s first visit with Dr. Chiang, multiple issues arose: not only was Quang’s family unaware of his diagnosis, but he was also in denial about it. After assessing the situation, Dr. Chiang decided to use a phone-based Vietnamese translator to assist. But language turned out to not be the only barrier...

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What’s Happening at HCCI?

HCCI staff

• It’s been an exciting spring for HCCI. In April, the staff (pictured right) got together for two days of teambuilding and planning for HCCI’s bright future.

• Selections for the second cohort of the Illinois House Call Project (ILHCP) will take place this month. Illinois has approximately 260,000 individuals who are homebound, with only 26% of them receiving home-based primary care. The first cohort of the ILHCP has been a great success, already serving over 3,000 new home-based primary care patients, well ahead of the targeted timeline. Through the second cohort, we look to increase that number to 6,000 new patients by 2026.

• HCCI received a shoutout from MedCentral, a publication focused on clinical excellence and physical well-being. Read the article on “How to Make Home Health Care Viable” here.

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