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Federal court holds Corporate Transparency Act unconstitutional

If you don't know about this act and its repercussions it's because you don't have an LLC or Trust or other small business entity. THIS one is a win - but 25 Republicans voted for the bill to start with.

Here is information about the bill. And here is who voted for it.

And you've heard by now about the Supreme Court unanimously ruling in favor of Trump being on the Colorado ballot. One version of the story here.

"She (Jenna Griswold) may be a reason to stay out of Colorado" - watch below.

Call to Action

Share your thoughts on a new minimum wage BEFORE it gets voted on. The questionaire for people in Longmont is here.

If you like the oil and gas industry, write your legislatures, or call or testify. I would especially recommend writing to the governor. He wants a higher office and will need to be more practical than the basic CO Dem.

If you support Israel in Longmont, write, call, or speak up at Tuesday's city council meeting. Those who just want an end to fighting without a solution are looking for a public resolution from city council.

Monthly Meetings:

Thursday, March 21st at 6:00pm at Pinocchio's. Our topic will be Election Integrity with Peg Cage. We will also hear "Why America Still Matters to God" with Pastor Steven Grant from Destiny Christian Center in Greeley.

League of Women Voters logo

BoCo League of Women Voters Event: Civility Matters: Promoting Respectful Dialogue in a Divided World - Sunday, March 17th at 1:30pm. Click Civility Matters: Promoting Respectful Dialogue in a Divided World - Events - League of Women Voters® of Boulder County (lwvbc.org) to register. This FREE event will be at the Lafayette Public Library. Registration required.

Tuesday March 19th Luncheon

95a Bistro & Co., 1381 Forest Park Circle, Lafayette, CO 80026 11:15 am, COST: $30 (Members & Guests)

RSVP: Call Cheryl Merlino, 425-941-8581(Text is preferred)

Online: www.boulderrepublicanwomen.org PLEASE RSVP BY FRIDAY, March 15 at 5 pm.

Invest in what you believe in! Your contributions are used for these emails, the office, caucus materials, elections, the website, candidates themselves, the Liberty Road Show and more!

Please share your ideas too! What's the best way to reach your friends?

By becoming a "member" of BCR you are investing in all of this! Join for at least $15/month and receive a few benefits back directly to you too.

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Election 2024 - Plan Ahead!

March 23, 2024 - County Assembly

June 25, 2024 - Colorado State Primary

November 5, 2024 - General Election


Eugene Volokh | Free Speech Law, Civil Rights, Social Progress, and Minority Groups

Tuesday, March 12 5 - 6:15 pm Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom | 2450 Kittredge Loop Dr. Boulder, CO Livestream and in-person Moderated by Todd Zywicki , VSCTP fall 2023 In-Person or virtual, just

Register here.

State Level
To find your state legislators, click here and enter your address in the search field on the map.
Regular Government Meetings

Boulder County Commissioners Meeting

Usually Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am

Click here to confirm and to see if an agenda is available.

1325 Pearl Street

City of Boulder

Usually meets the first and 3rd Tuesday.

Click here for their calendar

Click here for their online agendas (look to the bottom of the page)

City of Lafayette

5:30pm every 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month at City Hall. Click here to find online agendas.

City of Longmont

Tuesdays at 7pm 3-4 weeks per month. Click here to find online agendas and make certain they are meeting. All public invited to be heard this week.

City of Louisville

Generally the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm. They meet at 951 Spruce Street in the Library meeting room. Click here for where you may find the agenda each session.

Town of Erie

The Erie Board of Trustees meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall Board Room located at 645 Holbrook Street. Click here for agendas.

Town of Nederland

The Board of Trustees for Nederland meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Click here for an agenda when available.

Town of Superior

6:00 pm, Second and Fourth Mondays of each month at 124 E Coal Creek Dr (Superior Town Hall)

Click here for agendas.

Save the Date

March 23, 2024 - Boulder County Assembly -  https://bocogop.org/caucus-assembly/

June 25, 2024 - Colorado State Primary

November 5, 2024 - General Election

Doing Democracy Day (DDD) s back!  Mark your calendars, DDD 2024 is Thursday April 4th hosted at the Longmont Museum.  We are thrilled to be back in this exciting location once again and hope you can join us.

Doing Democracy Day is a multi-community, multi-school event devoted to students wrestling with local issues, using local leaders (like you) as live resources. DDD has been a success due to the participation of local leaders and public servants. Please mark your calendars and RSVP to Kentwillmann@gmail.com 

Doing Democracy Day

Thursday April 4th 2024

Longmont Museum

Most leaders are needed between 9:15-11:30am to serve as live resources for students. Others are needed as judges from 12:15-3pm. Local leaders, educators, public servants and community members from all St. Vrain communities are invited to share their expertise and opinions as live resources for students (no advanced preparation is necessary). Students from all district high schools will be participating in a day of grappling with local issues.  

We know you are busy, so we have focused the time for local leader participation. 

DDD Schedule

 8-9:15 am - Students arrive, welcome, keynote and begin issue research

*9:15-11:30am - Leader Interviews - We need your help the most in the morning as live resources.

11:30-12:00pm - Lunch - Feel free to join us and the students for lunch on us.

*12:15-3:00pm - Semi-Finals and Finals - A few leaders are needed to serve as American Idol-style judges for student presentations.

*Leaders needed

The six local issues to be explored in 2024 are: Civic Education and Voting,  Affordable Housing and Homelessness, Social Media and Mental Health, Gangs and Gang Violence, Climate Change and Education, Vaping and School Safety.  

Feel free to share this email with other interested folks.

Contact me for more information.  Kentwillmann@gmail.com

Here are links to some news coverage of DDD

Longmont Leader 

Colorado Daily


DDD 2023 Montage - Thanks to Carrie Adams

Thanks for your ongoing support of DDD.


Kent Willmann


Doing Democracy Day 

Program Director


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Terri Goon
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