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What would AI select for your new lab flooring? 
The story below was generated by AI. Yet it could be true of any lab—even YOURS.

Once upon a time, in a bustling scientific laboratory located in the heart of a bustling city, a group of brilliant scientists worked tirelessly on groundbreaking experiments and discoveries. The laboratory had been the birthplace of numerous scientific breakthroughs, and its reputation for excellence was well-known throughout the scientific community. However, there was one problem that persisted and caused much frustration among the researchers—the worn-out and damaged flooring.

For years, the laboratory's flooring had endured countless spills, chemical reactions, and heavy equipment movements. It had become cracked, stained, and uneven, posing a significant risk to both the safety of the scientists and the integrity of their experiments. The time had come for the laboratory to address this issue and embark on a mission to replace its flooring.

The laboratory director, Dr. Elizabeth Morgan, recognized the urgency of the situation and formed a committee comprising scientists, engineers, and flooring experts. The committee's primary goal was to find a suitable flooring solution that could withstand the laboratory's rigorous demands while maintaining a sterile environment for scientific research.

The committee explored various options, considering factors such as durability, chemical resistance, ease of cleaning, and overall safety. After extensive research and consultation with flooring specialists, they concluded that _____ would be the most suitable choice.

We left a blank in the story for a reason. What ChatGPT chose for Dr. Morgan’s lab might not work for yours. Especially if your lab faces any of the challenges below:

  • Static electricity and expensive electronics
  • Large machinery and equipment that would require moving
  • A small window (or none) for downtime.
  • A wide range of chemicals used in the lab that new flooring would have to withstand
  • Sick time and workers comp claims from lab workers who have suffered conditions and injuries due to inefficient floor ergonomics.
  • More

As a great of a tool as AI is, flooring has to work in the real world. That’s where SelecTech comes in. We can help make a determination on whether or not your floor needs to be replaced and the pros and cons of various solutions.

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A glue down solution for static control in your lab
Ground Floor™ is a low-cost, reliable, and attractive alternative for your static-protection needs. This direct glue-down option is a perfect alternative to our FreeStyle ESD™ Interlocking floor when installing in open spaces, where downtime isn’t a concern and where subfloors are ready to accept glue-down flooring.

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Chemical labs
In an environment where chemicals and/or drugs are manufactured, chemical labs operate under stringent guidelines and restrictions. Safety is integrated into the cycle of product from procurement to storage, handling to transport, and even disposal. There is no room for error.

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