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Stuck at home? Bake Challah with your little ones and other moms in the area - right from your home! Best for ages 1-3.
Thursdays @ 10:30 AM

Call or text Esther 301-448-2701
Keep the Capital Kosher Pantry shelves stocked! Please fill a shopping bag with kosher non-perishable staples, then call, text or email us and our wonderful volunteer, Larry Schecker, will be pick it up for delivery to the Pantry. 

Call, text or email Larry 301-512-8595

Our Lessans Family Mommy & Me - Challah Bake group of moms baking Challah each week with their little ones, turned into an amazing inspiration to deliver Challah and love to those in need, the most vulnerable in our community.

Call or text Esther 301-448-2701
Value the Light!
A photographer at one of our Chanukah events this year, was having trouble capturing the full Chanukah experience in her pictures during the daytime hours. We suggested that she try again at night. She explained that although photos don’t typically come out as well in the dark, she would give it a try.
It worked. Her pictures were able to capture the excitement and thrill of the event. The reason for this was simple. The flashing lights and bright screens were much more visible when it was dark. This gave me so much insight into the times in which we are living.
There is a teaching in Ecclesiastes, “I saw that wisdom is better than folly, just as light is better than darkness”.
When it’s bright outside, we don’t always recognize the value of a small light. We may overlook being inspired by our traditions and holidays. We don’t always recognize every act of goodness and kindness.
But in these times of darkness with so much not working out the way we’d like, every bit of light is noticeable and celebrated. It’s not surprising that so many were touched by our Chanukah events.
Let's value the light we have. And the message of Chanukah is, to share it with others, because now more than ever, it means the world to them.