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July, 2017 Issue 162

Global Gathering 20 - WHAT TO EXPECT
-Gary Holloway

The next Global Gathering of the World Convention is April 18-21, 2019, in Manzini, Swaziland. This gives you twenty-one months to make your plans to attend. But what can you expect to find in Swaziland? I just returned from a visit there, planning for the Gathering, and this is what I found.

You can expect a beautiful, safe, and hospitable country. With its green mountains and lovely valleys, Swaziland is known as the Switzerland of Africa. The country is one of the safest in Africa, with low crime, a stable government, and no threat of terrorism. The Swazi people are kind, open, and helpful to visitors.

You can expect interesting and exciting activities. Although we are going to Swaziland to experience the global church, there will be time for you to see much of what the country has to offer. From wildlife parks with lions, elephants, and rhinos, to a variety of beautiful fair-trade crafts, to the cultural village that keeps Swazi traditions alive, you will have a genuine African experience.

You can expect suitable facilities. You will fly into the brand new and modern King Mswati III airport. Transportation from the airport and to the Convention venue will be available. The Mavuso Trade Center will comfortably seat 3500 for our plenary sessions, will have space for meals and classes, and will be secure and comfortable. Hotels and lodges will provide satisfying rooms and meals.


You can expect heartfelt and lively worship. Our singing will be in a variety of western and African styles. Watch this video for a taste of an African take on a well-known hymn. 

You can expect encouraging lessons from speakers from around the world. As with past Global Gatherings, we will have preachers and teachers from many nations sharing the word of God with us in their own inimitable styles.

You can expect to have time for fellowship and prayer. The highpoint of each Global Gathering is the time we spend sharing our faith with sisters and brothers from throughout the world.

Expect God to act! And begin to make your plans to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Watch our website, WorldConvention.org, for more information.


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A Global Fellowship: A Concise History of the World Convention. This 145-page book with forty photographs tells the amazing story of World Convention from its beginning in 1930 until today.

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Global Women Connecting 

In Sangeetha's Own Words... 

[from the Siliguri Training Center in the Tea Gardens]

I am a married woman with two sons. My husband works as a watchman and earns very little. He is the breadwinner of the family. I got married at a very young age - I didn't want to get married at that time, but my father had already decided that it was my time to get married. I studied until I was in the twelfth grade - I wanted to study further but due to tradition and the custom of girls getting married at an early age, I was unable to continue.
After marriage, I became a housewife. I stayed at home taking care of my in-laws, cooking and cleaning. My husband used to drink and create trouble at home. He would come home drunk and not go to work. We didn't have enough money to run our house. Every time, he used to spend all the money on drinking and unnecessary things.             

I wanted to work and earn because our financial condition was very bad. I was a qualified student, so I went out to look for a job even if it was small. I found a volunteer position and a staff member promised me that if I continued to volunteer he would make my job permanent. I volunteered for three years but my job did not become permanent. Later, I left that as well. 

I have been married for fourteen years. Today my husband is still working as a watchman and he has stopped drinking. Though he earns little, it's much better than our earlier condition if I have to compare. He understands the value of money and doesn't waste it on drinking.

When I heard about Aatma Vikas, I told my husband about it and he allowed me to come and work here. Whatever I was earning from the training I would give it to my husband to use for our family. At present, the center is providing a tailoring program for the ladies. I am very happy as I have always wanted to go to a tailoring class but, due to money problems, was not able to go. But today I have got this opportunity at the center that is free of cost.
I am very grateful toward the organization as well as to the staff for giving me this chance to learn and receive training. Whatever skills I learn from these tailoring classes, I can utilize for my benefit; therefore, I am working very hard to learn what is being taught.

Spiritually, also I am learning many new things about God. The main thing is that I was not aware of His love for me and I came to know about this through devotion.
 I love to sing along with our worship leader. He has taught us many new worship songs in various languages, including English. At home I am always humming the songs that I have learnt at the center but my neighbors keep taunting me about it. I don't care - I just enjoy singing the hymns and my husband supports me and consoles me by telling me to avoid the neighbors.
Aatma Vikas has not only helped me to grow physically through the sewing and tailoring training program, but it has also helped me grow mentally and spiritually through the devotions provided at the center. I am grateful for all of their love and care.


Aatma Vikas operates five vocational training centers in two different regions of India. Since 2010, over 1,800 students have graduated from one of the technical training programs. They also train pastors on innovative agriculture, rescue women from human trafficking, and equip local churches to be self-sustainable, in partnership with the Chalmers Center. 

Our thanks to Greg and Abhineeeta Matney and the AV Ministry Team for sharing this story.   Learn more at  avikas.org

GWC Service Project 

Aatma Vikas trains women in sewing, stitching and jewelry making to prepare them for employment and free the future for themselves and their families. Global Women Connecting supports Aatma Vikas until Global Gathering-20 in Swaziland. 

The Skipping Stone partners with Aatma Vikas by providing lifestyle products. Profits go directly toward employing women still working in bondage. 

Consider "making a ripple" through a gift to Aatma Vikas or a purchase from The Skipping Stone by clicking on their link.

Global Women Connecting join together in devotion. 

This month we share a method of devotion and prayer taught at the Come before Winter renewal in North Andover, Massachusetts.   A click on the image of the hand will give you a downloadable pdf to practice the art of "tangling".

Read the scripture, then trace the outline of your hand on fresh paper. Add a few lines to create sectioned drawing areas. Using the illustration as an example and the words as inspiration, create your unique design using a pen or felt tip marker.

Blessings to you.


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