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Volume 5, Issue 10 | October 2016

We are in the full swing of autumn - heck, tomorrow's Halloween. And, it is almost one year since I departed the beautiful Red Rock Country of Sedona. Yes, I've been in the BIG CITY of Phoenix and back in the corporate world for 11 months... So, what is my 'verdict'? They're not for me!!
Still, for now, here is where I'm planted. I'm meditating more and trusting that guidance will be forthcoming so that I can plan for the next adventure in Life to come.
The only constant is change. Amen!


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Inspiration and Contemplation
There is no particular section of the world, nor any special group of people, that may claim truth as an exclusive heritage. It is the rightful possession of every person, and constitutes the equality of all souls before God. If you do not make any effort to know truth, to perceive it beneath the veils that hide it, you will not discover your own real nature and will therefore remain at the mercy of outside forces of "circumstances." In meditation behold the star of divine wisdom, that its rays disclose the truth ever within yourself. "If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light: (Matthew 6:22). Truth is mighty and shall prevail!

- A "Para-Gram" by Paramahansa Yogananda

When We Truly Love Ourselves
Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore to Indian parents. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Sri Lanka, and then at age two, moved to Hong Kong, where she and her older brother grew up. Anita and her brother both studied in British schools and as an ethnic minority in a majority British school, Moorjani was often the victim of bullying. With her Indian ethnicity, diverse cultural background, and speaking Sindhi (an Indian dialect), Cantonese (a Chinese dialect) and English simultaneously, fitting in was a challenge. It took its toll on her soul and body, which, if you've read her book " Dying to Be Me," you well know.
Read this recent interview with Ms. Moorjani in which she talks about her latest book and explains how powerful we really are when we truly love ourselves. 
People Helping People
Saving the Day

A refugee from war-torn Aleppo helped save a Canadian bride's wedding day. Here's the story published in The Washington Post.

Ibrahim Halil Dudu lost everything about three years ago when his home and his tailoring business in Aleppo were blown up by a bomb.

Today, Dudu still does not have much.

What he does have is a new home country - and unexpected recognition for doing something he didn't think was a very big deal.

It all started Sunday in Guelph, Ontario. Read more... 

While Halloween is really not my thing, I know some folks really get a kick out of donning costumes and partying. So if you're one of those people, have a spook-tacular Halloween!
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