Care4moms project image
The Care4Moms project (Principal Investigator: Allison Stuebe) analyzed CCQI claims data to address a paucity in the current research on mothers with medically fragile infants (MMFI) with the goal of improving health outcomes for this group through targeted postpartum care.

During their analysis, Stuebe and her team identified multiple challenges faced by mothers and their infants. Among other findings, the study identified racial and ethnic inequities present for mothers of MMFIs in the assessment and treatment of pain during the postpartum period.  
These findings triggered other projects by the Care4Moms team of investigators. Informed by their analysis, Stuebe spearheaded a related initiative entitled “The 4th Trimester,” which aims to identify the unmet healthcare needs of mothers and infants during the first few months of an infant’s life.  
Care4Moms has also advanced knowledge surrounding data management in the clinical environment. The project collaborated with UNC Healthcare’s IT department to create EMR design solutions to address issues in properly documenting and reporting on postpartum care. On the policy level, the project’s findings were informed in an annual report to the North Carolina governor and general assembly and advanced policies around prenatal care at UNC. Specifically, the project demonstrated the existence of a sufficient infrastructure to support the expansion of North Carolina’s Safe Sleep program, which aims to reduce infant mortality rates in the state.