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Sentrol, Inc. July 2018 Newsletter

In this edition Product updates & Applications
*GE Panametrics -
Process Optimization and Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters 
*Fike - 
          Pressure Relief Valve and Safety Valve Protection
*Jordan Valve - 
          Why Sliding Gates 
*Steriflow Valve - 
          WFI Distribution: End of Loop Pressure Control
*Happy 4th Of July! - 
          Plymouth Fun Facts

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Process Optimization and Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Do you trust your flow measurement? It's a simple question, but not always easy to answer. So what are your options?
  • Trust the flow meter. You purchased the flow meter, presumably with a good reason, and then why shouldn't you trust it? Well, this can be risky since its measurement could be effecting your process optimization and possibly the safety of your team.
  • Trust the flow meter's diagnostics. With the latest generation of flow meters, most have diagnostics that will tell you about their health. However, is your meter's health diagnosis correct and are you sure it was installed correctly to the manufacturer's recommendations?
  • Send meter for verification. Shipping the flow meter back to the manufacturer or to an independent calibration facility will validate the flow meter's performance. But sending the meter out of your facility takes time, costs money and causes process downtime. You need to empty the pipe, remove the meter, package and ship it out, wait for the verification to be completed, pay for the verification, receive the meter back in your facility, reinstall it, and restart your process.
  • Portable ultrasonic flow meter: An independent flow measurement that can be installed quickly to validate if the permanent flow measurement is correct or if your process flow is truly different than what you expected.

A portable ultrasonic flow meter is an excellent tool for your maintenance kit. It can be installed within minutes on the outside of an existing pipe in a battery-powered configuration that has data logging capabilities for recording valuable information. Portable flow meters can now measure very wide flow, temperature, and pressure ranges and measure in almost any type of liquid or gas phase media. They're useful for troubleshooting flow measurement issues or for preventative maintenance checks. They can also be used for flow surveys in locations where no flow meters exist or as temporary replacements for permanent meters being calibrated or maintained.

A good example is from an oil company operation in the Sahara Desert. The application was for gas injection into oil field wells to maintain a constant well head pressure for oil production. Unfortunately, orifice plates and permanently installed ultrasonic meters were measuring 20% off from each other. Instrumentation engineers used a portable gas clamp-on meter to investigate the flow measurement issue and determined that both the orifice plates and permanent ultrasonic meters were measuring the actual volumetric flow measurements as intended. They deduced that the difference in standardized volumetric flow rate was caused by an incorrect application of compressibility in high pressure natural gas. The portable meter was able to solve the customer problem and provide confidence in the flow measurement without interrupting the process.
A portable meter is a good option then, for keeping you from having a lot of headaches while saving you time and money.
For more information on solutions for portable flow measurement and control product families and services offered by GE, visit
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Pressure Relief Valve and Safety Relief Valve Protection
Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) are commonly used in many industries to protect processes, and ultimately, the business overall.
However, PRVs are expensive to maintain and replace, have a risk of leakage of toxic media, and the valve inlet may clog during a polymeric process.

So, how can you avoid these issues, all while increasing your plant's operating potential, improving plant procedures and safety, and potentially reducing downtime, maintenance and fugitive emissions concerns?
By safeguarding your high-cost PRVs with affordable rupture discs from Fike.

Fike's ValveGuard concept is designed to use Fike rupture discs to isolate or "guard" your PRVs from process media and the ingress from downstream contaminants
Isolating a PRV with a rupture disc provides the following advantages:
  • Improved Leak Tightness: Leakage is a common issue with PRVs. A rupture disc used at the inlet of the PRV mitigates this issue, as it acts as a chemical barrier between the process media and the valve.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The PRV will remain in good condition as long as the rupture disc has not burst. This means that typical service intervals can be extended considerably.
  • Lower Operational Costs: A reverse-acting rupture disc makes an in situ PRV test feasible. Injecting a pressurized gas between the rupture disc and valve seat of the PRV can demonstrate its safe operation. This test can be executed during a normal production process without the need to dismantle the PRV and test it on a bench.
  • Extended Valve Life: Fike rupture discs prevent process media from adhering to mechanical components of the PRV that would affect the valve performance and the safety of the system.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Corrosion-resistant PRVs are expensive and have a long lead time. Using an upstream Fike rupture disc in combination with a carbon steel PRV can save time and money.
Fike's ValveGuard concept protects PRVs from the exposure to corrosion, material build up, polymerization and back pressure, resulting in high ROI value and an extended lifetime of important and expensive safety equipment.
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Jordan Valve: Why Sliding Gates?
The heart of many Jordan Valve control valve and regulators is a simple, by highly efficient, sliding gate seat design.This unique technology provides three significant benefits: higher capacity, straight through flow, and greater accuracy. In many ways, the sliding gate is superior to traditional trim designs and translates into greater value and improved performance.


WFI Distribution: End of Loop Pressure Control

This is an example of a good application for the Mark 95 Valve. A customer wanted a Back Pressure Control Valve (BPCV) at the end of his WFI loop. As indicated in the photo below the majority (not all, as I found out) of return lines terminate inside the vessel at a spray ball. The BP control valve or regulating valve is usually mounted directly on the riser as shown.

When selecting a Cv (Kv) for these applications, valve manufacturers need the expected min and max flow, the valve's Inlet Pressure set point (P1), and the Outlet Pressure (P2). That information is critical to select the correct Cv (Kv). Since WFI and US PW vessels are vented, you would think that the valves outlet pressure is atmosphere, but that is usually not the case...because of the spray ball. Spray balls are designed to completely saturate the inside of the vessel with hot WFI. They require a certain differential pressure to do that. That pressure *is* the BPCV/BPRV outlet pressure.

Applications for the Mark 95

Pharmaceutical water distribution systems for medium to large scale manufacturing plants are complex with multiple loops and takeoffs. Figure 8-4 shows a simplified view of two separate, but connected, parallel loops: a hot storage vessel with a hot distribution loop, and a cooled end use loop with reheat. One or more storage tanks may be used.

Parallel loops are very common and are most advantageous where multiple temperatures are required, or where the area served is so large that a single loop becomes cost prohibitive or hydraulically impractical.

The major concern is to balance the various loops to maintain proper pressure and flow in each so as to ensure Point of Use (POU) pressure and flow, and keep turbulence, pressure and temperature within ideal limits to minimize microbial contamination.

The pressure in each loop is maintained using back pressure control valves (MK95's, or MK978's with positioner and pressure transmitter's) at the end of each loop to maintain upstream pressure at a value that insures a positive pressure at even the most remote point of use on the loop.
Flow is controlled by using either a single variable speed pump with a manifold and multiple flow control valves (MK978s with positioners and flow transmitters), or multiple variable speed pumps (one for each loop).

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Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy some fun facts about our historic town Plymouth, Ma (America's Hometown) where it all began!

Did you know:

The passengers aboard the mayflower were originally headed for Virginia, but ended up in Cape Cod instead and eventually settled in Plymouth.

Plymouth was already names Plymouth when the pilgrims arrived in 1620. Captain John Smith named it Plymouth in 1614 due to its physical resemblance (in reverse) to Plymouth, Devon, England.

Pilgrim Rock is located at the Pilgrim State Park. It is the smallest park in the Massachusetts state forest and park system, yet is the most heavily visited.  

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