Celebrating the completion of this 1st floor remodel in Bellevue.
Thank you Merisa and Daniel!
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We are growing! To help us with all this great work we have added the following to our team. Welcome aboard!

We are always looking for top talent as we continue to grow.
Christian Burns
Design Team
Jean Franco
Design Team
Jennifer Kautzsch
Design Team
Austin Olah
Construction Team
Tyru Pryor
Construction Team
Working with you is AWESOME! We want to thank our staff for their dedication and hard work.

March Anniversaries
Derrick Valles - 1 Year
John Tharp - 4 Years
Tess Jordan - 7 Years

April Anniversaries
Reed Hanberg - 10 Years
Sam Sla - 4 years
Barbara Gasser - 3 Years
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