School is now in session and our team of health educators are already in schools throughout Yavapai County. MATFORCE partners with local public and charter schools to offer education, resources, and support for parents, teachers, and students.

View our Drug Prevention Resource Guide for more information on the curricula and services offered. 
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY: Mentors are still in high demand

As more people returning to the community from incarceration decide to make a positive change, Community Coaches are in high demand.

YRP is offering an interactive demonstration to understand the barriers people experience when returning from incarceration. Register today to attend the Reentry Simulation: In Their Shoes.

NEW RESOURCE: Short form versions of PSA videos are now available

With the popularity of the fentanyl media campaign Coalitions around the state continue to implement resources from the Rise of Fentanyl toolkit. SACLA members continue to create resources for a methamphetamine toolkit to compliment the fentanyl resources already being disseminated in our communities.

Additional staff help expand programming

For the 2021-22 school year, Coordinator Brian Lewy will be responding to TLC referrals from law enforcement. Brian will be working with schools to provide information and resources to children experiencing trauma. Experts Stacey Gagnon and Beth Dunn will be hosting a variety of training sessions for educators, coalitions and caregivers.

Trauma for Breakfast has a new podcast every two weeks that shares the stories, science, and healing of how to better understand and care for those who have experienced trauma.
Resources and Learning Opportunities