August 2021
Summer Sun Safety Month
What's Your Sun Safety IQ?

Sun safety is not just for vacation.

Are you sun-safe every day?
Karen Barno, CEO and founder of Arizona Assisted Living Federation of Arizona, joined Bob Roth on Health Futures - Taking Stock in You to discuss how she is helping women find their path, how shadow healing can help a person, the workforce challenges in home care, and how technology helped families stay in touch with their loved ones throughout the pandemic.

Listen every Friday from 12-1pm on Money Radio AM1510/FM105.3.
Cypress Home Care Solutions' dementia specialists can be found virtually attending and hosting a variety of different events supporting clients and families. Click below to check them out!
Did you know that some medications can compromise COVID vaccine effectiveness? Bob Roth shares what medications can decrease vaccine effectiveness and what to do if you are taking any of those medications.
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