What's Your Strength for Planning Party Music?

#142, September 6, 2017

 News for you and your clients: 
   *  a Tip for planning your wedding & party music, 
   *  details for our next Public Event. 
   *  and another quick Video. 

If you need wedding or party music right now
and tell me about the mood you're looking for.

But first, let me tell you a quick story:

The earliest mass murderer in recorded history. 

You probably know him already.

The strongest man in the Bible.  He resisted the 
heathens who oppressed his tribe.

According to Judges 13-16, he once killed 1,000 
of them with a donkey's jawbone. 

Those Philistines hated and  feared him, so they 
bribed his wife to learn the  secret of his strength.  

Turns out, his secret was to never cut his hair.  
So while he slept, she betrayed him and 
shaved his head. 

He immediately lost his special strength and   
became powerless to resist his enemies.  
So they captured and imprisoned him.

You know the rest of this story, I'm sure.  
But to me this first part is more important.

Really?  More important?   Yes!  
It's about the special strengths WE rely on.  

Ask yourself "What are MY special strengths?" 
and prepare yourself for a valuable lesson.

The key to Samson's strength was an exception.  
The secret to OUR strengths is no exception: 
hard work, study, and long practice.

Whether or not we can see our own strengths 
clearly, our friends and colleagues surely do.  
And so do our clients, too.

Whatever we're doing -- managing a business, or
developing a relationship, or playing a strategic 
game, or something else -- all the experts  advise 
us to "lead with our strength".

So we always face these two challenges:  

First, identify  where our strengths lie.  You can
find dozens of 
tactics for finding your strengths.  

One of my favorites is the Tip I promised: 
Occasionally act outside your "comfort zone". 
 see what you can do well the first time.

And second, once we can name a strength, 
our next challenge is to develop it.  Make it 
even more amazing. 

If you're good at teaching yourself, look for 
good examples of what strengths you want, 
and follow these examples.

You'll probably need to learn a few things you 
can't  teach yourself, so it's smart to get some 
coaching   from a proven expert.

Why am I telling you this?

For me, one of my strengths is knowing how 
music helps people celebrate.  This is what 
I've been learning and practicing nearly every 
day since 1975.

Either by helping people plan the music for 
their parties, or by leading my band to entertain 
all their wedding or party guests.

And now that we're talking about 
wedding & party music...
Halloween and Thanksgiving are just a few weeks away. 
You might be involved in planning a   holiday party.

And if you or a friend are engaged to get  married,
you might also be involved with 
planning the wedding.

Perhaps both. 

So the next time you or a friend 
are  looking 
upbeat, elegant music,
played the way you want, 
think of us.

Where can you preview us?  Here  (see details below,
and call 408-245-9120 about last-minute additions.)

Thursday, September 14,  5:30-8:00pm
"Fall Festival of Wine & Food"
Winchester Mystery House, 525 S Winchester, San Jose

Caterer? Wedding or Event Planner? Bride? Groom? 
Enjoy the festive mood we'll create.  You'll  hear the
popular standards, jazz classics, and Latin favorites. 
Please stop by and say Hi.

So whenever the time is right for you, please  
and tell me about the mood you're looking for.

Meanwhile, here's my 2011 story about our "Special Strength".  

Let's chat soon.


Robbie Schlosser | Magnolia Jazz Band
"Elegant, Upbeat Music for Weddings and Parties"  

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