What's Wrong with this Picture? Pretty much Everything!

There's no safe way to bike or walk or even take the bus along many sections of Route 193 (Greenbelt Road) in the Greenbelt/Glenn Dale area. The picture above shows the bus stop for the entrance to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center at ICEsat Road. To get to work, bus riders have to walk on a shoulder alongside a high-speed, highway-like road, and then through a high-speed deceleration lane.

Greenbelt Road ranges from stressful to inaccessible for walkers; it's terrifying for bike riders, and nearly impossible for people with disabilities. Imagine using that bus stop in a wheelchair or with a service dog?

The Greenbelt East Trail would provide much safer access to NASA and several schools, churches, neighborhoods and shopping centers along Greenbelt Road for people who can't (or don't wish to) take cars everywhere. We envision the trail as a shared use path, protected from traffic with heavy "curbstops" and flexposts. The trail would run from Greenbelt's Eleanor Roosevelt HS to the Glenn Dale Splash Park. Thus, it would effectively connect the WB&A Trail toward Baltimore and Annapolis with the Anacostia River Trail System toward DC, and would fill a critical missing link in the East Coast Greenway.

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August News:

  1. Our first trail walk with the Neighborhood Design Center will be on Thursday, August 17th, at 10am, leaving from the ERHS upper parking lot. Note, NDC's work for Friends of the Greenbelt East Trail (FofGET) is funded in part by the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area and Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.
  2. On our trail walk, we will be scouting for the most important or impactful vantages to illustrate how the trail would improve safety and access. We will probably concentrate on the sections in front of NASA and between Good Luck Road and Lanham Severn Road, where there are business and office/residential entrances.
  3. In addition to the $5,000 grant from ATHA, we've raised over $1,000 in donations and approximately $1,200 worth of volunteer "time" so far! Thanks!!!
  4. Cash donations are tax deductible. Both donations and volunteer hours can be counted toward the ATHA grant's matching requirement. If you'd like to volunteer, please reply to this email or send us a note on "info@greenbeltnasatrail.org." And click this link to Donate Now! (Did I already mention that?)
  5. MDOT's feasibility study has been moved up from September to an August start. We are looking forward to meeting with MDOT's consultants as soon as they're able!
  6. Our volunteer/stakeholder meeting on August 10th was great. I don't have the full minutes worked up yet, but we discussed a legislative strategy to make it easier, if not mandatory, for Maryland to guarantee maintenance expenses for future trail projects within the state's right of way. We also want to activate the county's Department of Public Works & Transport to be authorized (and sufficiently appropriated) to take on special maintenance projects on state roads, if needed.
  7. These legislative projects will hopefully help unblock trail funding for Prince George's county. There's plenty of money available for accessibility and safety on our roads, but because the state and county don't have a process to amicably allocate future maintenance responsibility, the projects don't even get off the ground in the first place! More to come on these efforts.

Here is What we Have

This is What we Want

Our Motto: "Less than 2 Years, Less than $2 Million, Start Sector 2 now!" Let's get this project done and show what's possible in Prince George's County!

Full Trail Resources:

Sector 2 (NASA) Resources:

Our community partners in this effort are the City of Greenbelt, WABA, ATHA, the East Coast Greenway, the Greenbelt Community Development Corp., and the Glenn Dale Citizens Association. Would your company or organization like to help the trail effort? Please use reply to this newsletter or email us at info@greenbeltnasatrail.org for more info. -Jeff

How Can You Help?

Please don't hesitate to reply to this email with info and corrections and ideas! Send this newsletter to your friends and encourage them to sign up for these emails too. Share this link to the video of our trail walk with Delegate Nicole Williams and many local and state officials: https://youtu.be/4_EmhBTbFRE. We will need to reach out to more stakeholders and public officials whose help we will need to make www.GreenbeltNASATrail.org a reality! -Jeff