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"Does our path have a heart?" If it doesn't, the way ahead is clear: It's time either to give this path the heart it will take to finish it - or to find another one." 

Rev. Kelly Isola is a force of nature, genius with words, brilliant thinker, and a professional excavator of the soul. She is passionate about supporting people and organizations to live and love more authentically and is masterful at relating concepts across her various life experiences, which allows her to connect with and support audiences from all walks of life. She shares her passion for living the two-fold path of an engaged spiritual life – the inner path of wisdom and the outer path of compassionate service. She is passionate about interfaith and interspiritual work as an avenue for individual and collective healing and peace. She is the co-founder of project_SANCTUS,, a safe, brave, online space to discover and be our Holiest self, and in so doing, together, create a world of love, justice and liberation for all. Learn more about her at

Meeting ID: 820 4739 5499
Passcode: 170217
SpiritGroups are small groups of people who meet online once a week to explore spiritual learning and provide ongoing support for each other.

Are you ready to join? Our Winter groups are starting next week!.
Check out the many options offered and register ASAP
Did you know that Unity Prayer is both invocation and affirmation?
These prayers lead to the most highly accelerated mind-action outcomes.

There are 5 main steps to this our Unity prayer process.  
Relaxation, Concentration, Meditation, Realization and Appreciation!

It is a very exciting journey when you can easily say a prayer that can turn
an event, illness or personal crisis into a positive, life affirming experience, and it is a gift of abundance when you can offer these for others.

JOIN US! Please reach out to your Unity office to confirm your desire
to be at our first UK-USCO Unity Prayer Team in March, 2023!

Join us on February 15th at NOON
Awakening from the Dream

Many spiritual teachings describe awakening as a personal endeavour, one that is separate and apart from the awakening of all, maintaining that each individual will eventually awaken through his/her/their own efforts and experiences. Yet if unity/oneness remains the foundation of these teachings, then there is no such things as a separate self who is awakening alone. Speaking through the lens of A Course in Miracles, and using his recent illustrations of its 365 Lessons, Alberto Agraso will join us in a conversation about this timeless topic.

Alberto Agraso is a spiritual artist whose artwork is inspired by his personal quests and pilgrimages. He has been channeling Spirit-inspired artwork for several years. He is an international award-winning author and illustrator. His multi-language books for adults and children can be found on his website He has also hosted live radio shows dedicated to awakening consciousness in his native Spanish language. 

Email Spirit Café Show
with thoughts and suggestions of topics you'd like to see discussed!!


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Our Mini-Conference on April 15 will provide rich learning about how we can create more open and inclusive experiences in our communities and enhance our capacity to build a more inclusive world – a Unity Canada core value.

The theme for this mini conference is Transforming Power, Privilege, and Prejudice. Our keynotes are Betty Pries and Paul Okoye from Credence and Co.

They describe the workshop in this way: “Recognizing that our social structures and personal biases can get in the way of our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, this interactive workshop engages themes of power, prejudice, and privilege in a manner that honours all voices in the room while also challenging the biases and structures that privilege some over others and damage the possibility of healthy, diverse, and equitable relationships and congregations.”

The full Mini-Conference fee is $25. This will be a powerful experience, and we hope everyone will attend. (Please connect with us if the cost is prohibitive.) Registration will open soon!
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