February 2019
Congratulations to all our new World Champions!

Classic Masters - Mike Wagner & Satu Ketellapper
Showcase Masters - Chris Bailey & Emily Bailey
Couples Classic Crown - Bobby Pritchard & Carla Romine
Couples Showcase Crown - Danny Guenther & Cynthia Kinnett
Female Line Dance SuperStar - Emily Bouchonville
Male Line Dance SuperStar - Marlon Ronkes
Female Line Dance Crown - Yuko Jackson
Male Line Dance Crown - John Burns
Female Line Dance RisingStars - Alexia Rios
Male Line Dance RisingStars - Sebastian Quinones
And more!
Highlights |February 2019
If you were not able to join us at Worlds, we hope you checked out the live stream from FloDance.com.

Based out of Austin, Texas – this production company streams multiple categories of action from Wrestling and Track to Rodeo and of course DANCE! Subscriptions to the dance channel are $150 annually or $29.99 per month. More information is available on the FloDance FAQ page or Join Now .

We are excited that FloDance will be providing various regional event coverage this year. The full schedule is coming soon! First live stream event for the 2019 season is:
April 11-14,2019

Country Music Corner provides access to a huge library of Country Music Trax and host to the Official Music of the UCWDC. All of the approved competition music from the UCWDC and all your favorite songs to practice to, right at your fingertips.

UCWDC Associate Members will receive a 30% discount off Country Music Corner’s already reasonable annual subscription price. UCWDC Associate Members need a Discount Code to receive their great benefits! 

For more information and to start dancing to the best in Country music, contact Brian Picard and Catherine (Pisano) Picard

... and in this Corner
Keith Armbruster

One morning last June, I awoke, like Rip van Winkle, to find myself coming to a realization. Although the UCWDC has not changed much to the casual observer, its challenges, its resources, and even much of its personnel had changed significantly.

Thanks to the efforts of many people, our organization made some big internal changes in the past year. Notably, with respect to the organization’s financial stability, the financial oversight committee worked exceptionally hard to reduce internal spending by reviewing stipends, contracts, amalgamating positions and developing new guidelines and practices ensuring a bright future for the organization. Another task force focused on the review and production of organizational documentation. These people established clear objectives and carefully drafted criteria to define new policies & procedures in many departments. The outcome was clear objectives and carefully drafted criteria to help departments provide transparent communication and procedures to improve the governance of our organization.

These internal changes have allowed the organization to expand our reach and visibility which resulted in adding two new events in 2019: the China Cup International Line Dance Open (Hangzhou, China), and Let’s Dance Country Western Dance Challenge (Nivelles, Belgium). Dance entries have increased at regional events across the globe culminating at the Country Dance World Championships with the second largest Worlds competition in the UCWDC history!

Additional advancements and commitments we are pleased to pursue in 2019 are:  ( continue to full article )
Judge Certification
Kathy St. Jean

Understanding What Judges Are Looking For

Everyone wants to win! However, it is very important to enjoy the entire journey of competition dancing not just the moment of glory!

The benefits of competitive dancing are endless; it’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s healthy, it’s a goal system and the list goes on! To fully enjoy all of these benefits it is important to familiarize yourself with the UCWDC judging system.

Understanding what the judges are looking for is extremely helpful in achieving your goal(s). Once you are aware of the criteria each judge uses at each age and skill level you may begin to include these elements into your practice and overall awareness so they are visually apparent on the competition floor. This is a great way to bring your dancing to a new level! ( continue to full article )

VP of Rules
Beth Emerson
2019 Rules Updates

We are in the middle of the cycle of Rules 2017-2019, so most changes will happen next year. Keep reading these newsletters and we will introduce the changes for Rules 2020-2022 during the course of this year. The following are the changes and clarifications for 2019:
Line Dance Committee Chairman
Clive Eaton-Stevens
2019 Line Dance Update

Please review the following article for helpful links and insights for the 2019 dance season.

1. Competition dance videos will be standardized - all videos will be taken backing the camera, in the same format & size.

2. Tempos will match the current UCWDC tempos for all dances

3. Dances will match the UCWDC curriculum to include core patters, spatial structure etc.
4. When new motions are introduced, they will be at all levels from newcomer to ascension divisions

5. Step sheets will state if the dance is country or non-country to match the current rules 

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The mission of the UCWDC is to preserve and promote Country Western Dancing and Line Dancing as fun and healthful pursuits, social activities, art forms and worldwide sports.

Our vision: We want to make every person in the World, a Dancer!