What’s New at KB & CO.

February 2024

How do you like my new headshot? Behind that smile is so much gratitude for my little business and for you, my customer. Thank you for trusting me and believing in me. I promise to continue to strive to be the most knowledgeable and responsive rep in the business!

Behind that smile is also a lot of stress regarding how to keep growing and operating at a high level. Prioritizing family, work, volunteering, and friendships can be tricky. The good thing about being a solopreneur is that it is all up to me. The bad thing is it is all up to me!

For this issue I picked a few of the most popular products from my manufacturers to highlight so you will be up to date on the latest. Please reach out if you want samples or need to know more.

Kristen Benavides


Look at that Tabletop!

Did you know Clarus can print anything on glass? The Naturals collection has been very popular for tabletops. You can order from the collection, or choose any image. Glass is an inexpensive way to create a stunning surface that is more durable than solid surface.

Naturals by Clarus

Everyone Gather 'Round!

Ofgo Studio offers laminate casegoods and lounge seating at an affordable price. Their motto is Premium for All. You can learn more about what this means on their website, or just ask me! Basically, Ofgo Studio offers many upgrades for no extra charge. This half-circle unit is very popular because with multiple levels, many poeple can gather around to see the same presentation.

Unify by Ofgo Studio

Book Rec: Building a Non-Anxious Life

I don't consider myself to be an anxious person. Sometimes, however, it seems that information is coming at me faster than I can process it. I often have multiple screens going at one time. Between work emails, group texts, social media posts, etc. it can be overwhelming. The one thing I took away from this book is that our body sends signals telling us when enough is enough - kind of like a fire alarm. We should listen to those signals.

Dr. Delony gives six daily choice you need to make to build a non-anxious life. Choose reality, connection, freedom, healthier and healing, mindfulness and belief.

Peach Fuzz is IN!

Do you love the Pantone Color of the Year, peach fuzz? Check out these beautiful BuzziSpace pieces in a beautiful peach textile! BuzziSpace is known for acoustic lighting and furniture that makes a statement.


Via Seating Introduces Vooom

Va va Vooom! The Vooom series designed by Jörg Bernauer provides comfortable, private & versatile spaces made to focus and unwind. This quadruple award-winning design offers two back heights—a mid back and high back, both with distinct wing arms. Embodying great design, function and comfort, Vooom™ also delivers a sustainable seating solution. The shells are made of up to 60% recycled, shredded, PET bottles & are themselves 100% recyclable.


Cheering for my Cheerleader

Many of you know that my daughter, Lucy, is a competitive cheerleader. We spend most weekends in the Spring cheering for her and her team. Next up is Atlanta, Dallas, then Orlando. She is learning so many important life lessons like perseverance, getting along with others, and discipline. The memories we are making bring us closer together, and there is nothing I would rather do than spend a weekend road-tripping with my girl, blasting Taylor Swift!

Design Your Own Acoustic Wall

Good acoustics are key for any environment, and EchoDeco® Wall Tiles with an NRC rating of 0.85 reduce reverb and unwanted noise. Cover an entire wall, add a border or create a mural. MergeWorks' acoustic wall tiles let you create an acoustically balanced quiet space while creating a visually interesting environment. Click the button to see the colors and patterns available, or you can create your own custom pattern. Manufactured in San Antonio!


Clarus GoMobile! with Acoustic Panel

Magnetic Acoustic Panels are an innovative removable panel designed to complement your medium-sized go! Mobile. The panel adds texture, modern patterns, and a splash of color to your space.


Workway Planters

Crafted for the modern workspace, WORKWAY Planters allow for space division while helping to enrich any environment. WORKWAY Planters promote wellness, creativity and productivity by introducing biophilia elements that inject vibrancy into any space. All planter styles are compatible with OFGO STUDIO desking, benching and reception solutions.

Workway by Ofgo Studio

Recipe: Protein Energy Bites

These are nice to have on hand for a healthy-ish snack. They are delicious and full of protein. You can customize to your liking. Some people add coconut or protein powder. I add dried cranberries and flaxseed. Mix the ingredients and roll into balls. I use a cookie scoop to form balls and put two in a snack sized bag, then place in the freezer.

  • 3 cups quick oats
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup honey

Let Us Design the Signs

The Identity Group has experts who will help design signs that support the intent of your project. They quote and manufacture all types of signage.. Indoor, outdoor, ADA, and safety signage. Reach out to me to get started.

 The Identity Group

Podcast Rec: Armchair Expert

I have listened to this podcast for a long time, and really enjoy it. Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman are the hosts. There is a new guest each time and Dax always brings out interesting stories. From Jason Bateman to Heidi Klum, to professional athletes, I am entertained and learn something new. It is a lighthearted podcast and I hope you will check it out.

 Listen Here

Making Outdoor Spaces Fabulous

Cortina is just one of the outdoor collections from Via Seating. Reach out to learn more about planters, trash bins, and other pieces designed to create stunning outdoor spaces.

 Via Seating

Acoustic Lighting: This is How it Works

The designs are plenty, but so are the material options. The question is, how do these two elements impact acoustic performance? I am linking an article so you can better choose the right acoustic lighting solutions for your space. Different acoustic issues or challenges require different solutions. Generally, three essentials define the performance of acoustic lighting: density, size, and shape.

 BuzziSpace Article

Acoustic Baffles

Finetune acoustics in your workspace with baffles from MergeWorks. Create an overhead statement that clarifies sound and reduces reverberation. NRC rated, acoustic baffles are an easy solution to absorb noise in your environment, without taking up valuable space.


Beautiful Biophilia

Are you looking for a way to bring biophilia into your project? Print it on glass! Clarus can print anything on glass. These are part of the biophilia collection, and the print quality is incredible. Reach out for samples.