What’s New at KB & CO.

June 2024

Happy Anniversary to KB & CO.

June 1 is the second anniversary of KB & CO.!! I am so grateful to all of you for supporting me and my little business.

KB & CO. currently represents ten amazing manufacturers. Each has a special story and unique approach to the commercial interiors space. Together we provide tables, desks, chairs, glass boards, acoustic solutions, auditorium seating, signage, metal storage, and power solutions.

Whether you call them ancillary manufacturers or something else, it is my experience that they - we - have to work a little harder to get noticed. Sometimes we have to fight for the opportunity to tell our customers why we are better, faster, stronger than the competition. I am happy to help deliver that message every day, win or lose.

If you are looking for dependable, fast, affordable products I would love the opportunity to work with you. Let’s find a solution that makes sense. My goal is for the end user to have a beautiful space on-time and within budget, and recommend us to their friends. When all parties (dealer, design firm, GC, and rep) work together it can be a fun and rewarding experience for all.


  • Partner only with trusted, quality brands
  • Keep you informed of new trends and products
  • Respond quickly and accurately to requests
  • Provide support until the job is done


Click HERE to see my pictures from NeoCon

I have created a place on the KB & CO. website where I will post my pictures from NeoCon each day. There’s not much to see yet, but stay tuned. Beginning Saturday June 8.


This month I am featuring our customer service superstars from MergeWorks and Via Seating. I could not do what I do without them. Thank you, William and Nicole, for helping me take excellent care of my customers every day!


Auditorium Tables and Seating

from Sedia Systems

OMNIA, E&I, Equalis contracts

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Sedia Systems has installed lecture halls at some of the world’s most prestigious colleges, universities, and multi-national corporations. They have the broadest array of designs and options and can address your lecture hall needs seamlessly anywhere on the planet.

Cheer Trip to Disney!

My daughter Lucy and I went to Orlando for a few days in April and had a great time! Her cheer team earned second place and we got to visit three parks. I cherish this time with her and the opportunity to make memories.

OFGO Studio

Lead Times

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OFGO Studio has great lead times on laminate and lounge furniture. OFGO helps with drawings and a quick turnaround on quotes. If you have not looked at OFGO Studio lately, let’s meet and dig in to the details!

Via Seating

Outdoor on Contract

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Via Seating has a large offering of outdoor products. Many end users are looking for ways to make the outdoor work spaces more functional and beautiful. Via can help with this! These are made to order in Italy, yet they are on two of Via’s contracts, which helps make the buying process smoother.

Corn Salsa

Click HERE for recipe

I love to make a fresh corn salsa as a snack or side to a Mexican meal. This recipe is pretty close to how I make it except I add avocado (of course!), no bell pepper, add a can of black beans and use canned or frozen corn. So whatever you like, chop it up and put it in there!


Woodline EDGE from Akouo Acoustics

OMNIA, E&I, Equalis contracts

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Easy to cut and install, WoodLine Edge is a versatile, stunning and sustainable wall or ceiling treatment. Edge panels are comprised of a wood-veneered MDF board with a backing made from 100% recyclable PET felt. Panels are available in four colors, measuring 24” x 96” and can easily be cut to size onsite. Sections are installed using furring strips or mounted directly to the surface with screws or adhesive. Acoustical ratings vary depending on installation method, with NRC ratings as high as 0.80.


Workbars from Heartwork

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Combine any of Heartwork's 3H Building Block pieces to create your Workbar. Whether you need a space for filing or some much needed team storage, our Building Block Collection has the solution. Mix and match colors and surfaces to create your personalized workbar. 


Lake Flato Project Tour

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 NeoCon 2024 is HERE!

If my math is correct, this will be my 25th NeoCon. It is an exhausting four days, but I love it! NeoCon is like a huge family reunion where I get to see reps from across the county I have known for many years. You never know who you will bump into - contacts from manufacturers I previously repped, reps, dealers, and designers from home, end users, and more.

If you are going, please reach out and I will meet you. Most of my time will be spent on the 10th floor of the Mart. Via has a great party Monday night, but you must come by the Via showroom to get your ticket. Via, Clarus, and Buzzi are close to each other. Wear comfortable shoes, y’all!

Pro tip: The Starbucks will be crazy nuts. Get coffee somewhere else. The PotBelly right next to it is a good option.

Make it a great day, y’all.



Clarus 10-102

Last year the Clarus party had people waiting in line for a great bag and to see magic tricks. It is a surprise what they are up to this year, but I know it will be big! Come by to see what is new in glass-

BuzziSpace 10-111

I cannot wait to see what this fabulous animal has to do with BuzziSpace and acoustics! The Buzzi showroom is always the place to be for drinks and good conversation that can be heard. I have seen the new products that are being introduced and you don’t want to miss them!

MergeWorks in Via showroom

10-148 & 10-165

I love a good collab! Via Seating has invited MergeWorks to exhibit some of their acoustic artwork in the Via showrooms. I know this will help with the noise level, and it is so needed because this showroom gets crowded! Come by and I will show you around!

Via Seating

10-148 & 10-165

Via has so many product introductions this year, and you can see a sneak peek of the new product introductions here. They have taken over a second space around the corner that shows the outdoor offering, and two parties where you can bring your friends and unwind after a long day!

Now Scheduling

Post-NeoCon Updates

Reach out and let’s get a meeting on the calendar to review all the new introductions from NeoCon!