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In this edition:

  • Delivering comfort & joy: 2022 recap
  • Why furniture matters more than ever
  • Heads Without Beds Spring campaign coming soon!
  • Leo & Catherine's* story

Delivering comfort & joy in 2022

2022 was a BIG year for Home Again. In addition to what's pictured here, we also onboarded new team members, launched new campaigns, created new partnerships, welcomed new supporters, and opened the doors to an exciting social enterprise that supports our work and provides opportunity for true community collaboration - Again & Again Furniture and Decor Thrift.

We closed out 2022 with our year-end campaign, Comfort & Joy. Together with caring people in our community, and matching funds from Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, we exceeded our goal, raising $31,930.25 to support free furniture deliveries!

A huge thanks to everyone who supported us last year and beyond, and for the lasting impact you've made on the lives of others.

Increased demand = strained resources

The actions we are taking, and the funds and support we are receiving, are needed - more than ever - to help meet the growing demand for our service.

In 2022 (and now continuing into 2023), we saw a significant spike in the number of furniture requests, deliveries and pick-ups.

Last year, every other month brought 50+ new furniture requests. This is in stark contrast to the three years prior with only one month at this shockingly high number.

Inevitably, this is placing a considerable strain on our resources, which is why continuous support is needed so Home Again’s volunteer teams can respond to the demand and continue to deliver life-changing furniture.

From chatting with furniture recipients, we can assure you that your support provides not only the comfort of furniture but a sense of pride, hope for the future and increased safety, stability and well-being.


Save the Date - Heads Without Beds 2023

If you want to help us meet the increased demand we've been experiencing in a meaningful way, it might be time to start thinking about registering for our annual Heads Without Beds community campaign.

You can register as an individual fundraiser or put together a team with your family, friends, co-workers, school community, sports group... you get the idea!

Participating in the Heads Without Beds event means you'll forego your bed to raise awareness and funds for those living without basic furnishings.

It is a "remote" event, meaning you can choose your own sleeping arrangements - whether it be at home or a space chosen amongst your fundraising team.

By sleeping without your bed for just one night and finding sponsors to support your efforts, you’re helping to ensure others in our region won’t have to do without.

  • Registration opens: March 1, 2023
  • Event night: March 31, 2023

Stay tuned for more updates, and reach out if you have any questions in the meantime!


Leo & Catherine*: One couple's story about why furniture matters

The sprinkler system in our apartment malfunctioned so my wife and I lost a lot of furniture. We didn't have any insurance and got no compensation from the landlord.

We would have had a really hard time coming up with money for furniture. Plus, it would have cost twice as much to get it here because we don't have a car.

One year ago, we moved into a new apartment and the housing social worker referred us to an Anglican church who sent the referral to Home Again. It all happened within a week. We received two large dressers, dining set, couch, chair, etc.

If it wasn't for you, we would have had a hard time affording it and getting it home. Transportation and moving companies are not cheap. The delivery you offer is as important as the furniture itself.

Before we received the dining table, we had a lot of our items stored in boxes and bins and we ate off that. My wife, Catherine*, has a special recliner chair that helps her get up. That wasn't damaged so while we waited for furniture, she had that. I would sit on pillows on the floor while we waited.

To your donors/supporters: You're doing far more than you know. People who can afford new may not realize how big a deal it is to others when you donate. But it is a big deal to others. You don't realize how much good you are doing and how much it is appreciated. I wish the organization well and hope you continue on. Your organization is appreciated a great deal.

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