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MARCH 2023


  • Furniture needed to fill demand, lower waitlist
  • No furniture to donate? No problem! Support Heads Without Beds
  • Why Elizabeth gives up her bed
  • Help people like John

Furniture Needed!

Every single day, Home Again receives new requests for furniture.

Over the last few months, our warehouse inventory has been low, sometimes dangerously.

Right now there are 90+ households in need of beds, tables, chairs and the other items that make their homes and lives comfortable.

To meet the growing demand for our free furniture provision and delivery service, we need more furniture donations.

You can help. Get your spring cleaning done early! If you don't have gently-used furniture to donate, you can let others know by sharing our social media posts and newsletter, or by supporting our Heads Without Beds campaign as a participant or donor - keep reading this newsletter to learn more!


Your Support of Heads Without Beds will Change Homes & Lives

You will help your neighbours living without furniture when you support our 4th annual Heads Without Beds community campaign by registering or donating.

Interested in participating? There is still one week left to help raise awareness and funds for the free delivery of beds and other furniture to those without. Reach out if you have any questions or register here!

Prefer to change lives by donating? Thanks to our generous supporters, East End Dental and Orthodontic Associates, until March 31st, your donation will be doubled.

Double your dollars and your impact when you donate today, so our neighbours sleeping on floors won't have to wait too long for their furniture.

Register or donate now to change homes and lives. Reach out if you have any questions!


Elizabeth and Bob have even participated from sunny Florida!

Why Elizabeth Gives Up Her Bed

"I've participated in Heads Without Beds since its inception because the title says it all. It's why Home Again Furniture Bank is here. It's the embodiment of what Home Again does and who it is as an organization.

The stories I've heard since I've been a part of Home Again have often brought tears to my eyes and have made me realize, again and again, just how blessed most of us are. I am extremely grateful to have the home I have and the bed I have to sleep in every night.

So, again this year, I'll give up my bed to raise funds so someone else can have a bed to sleep in. My husband, Bob, is joining me again this year, and we've reached out to our friends and family to support us. I truly hope we have a record breaking year!"

- Elizabeth Barnes, Heads Without Beds annual participant and Home Again volunteer extraordinaire.

John's Story: A Furnished Apartment Meant a New Start

The furniture Home Again delivered last December has made a huge difference to my life.

At 47 years old, I had a stroke, followed by other health complications and everything changed for me. My life fell apart: I could no longer drive. I lost my job. Shortly after that, I was unable to pay rent and ended up in the shelter system. It was the worst year of my life.

My experience in the shelter was awful. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Between the drug use that surrounded me and multiple thefts of my personal items, it was not an environment I wanted to be in.

Finally, my health started to improve and I received support in finding an apartment. I moved in as soon as I had the keys - I needed out of the shelter even if it meant living in an unfurnished apartment. Thankfully, my restless nights on the floor and the discomfort of living without furniture was only for a couple of weeks. That's when Home Again arrived with everything I needed right from a bed and dresser, to table and chairs, a sofa and more.

As a matter of fact, the table and chairs are great now because I got a job with the federal government and am working remotely from home. The table you delivered has become my desk! All of the furniture has made a really big difference, allowing me to live normally, get a job and restart my life.

Once I pay down my debt, I want to donate money to your organization. I really appreciate your help. Thank you for helping me get back on my feet.

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