e-Newsletter                         November 1, 2016

What's In Your Cornucopia?
Do you know why the cornucopia is the perfect Thanksgiving decoration?

This season, in many of our homes, this horn-shaped basket will serve as an overflowing centerpiece on a bustling Thanksgiving table. Some of us will fill our cornucopias with seasonal fall flowers. Others may pile in miniature pumpkins and gourds. And for those of us with a sweet tooth, the cornucopia will be brimming with fruits, cakes, and candy!

But consider this wicker basket for a moment. You may realize it actually makes for an awkward container. Take a look at it again - at the odd shape. There isn't room to hold much of anything inside. It doesn't have a lid that closes, nor does it stand up well on its own. When you set your cornucopia down, your harvest will literally spill out onto the table!

And that is the point.

This month marks a season of gratitude. A time to reflect on the bounty of life and give thanks. The cornucopia is a symbol of life's overflowering abundance. It's a festive reminder to take a moment and acknowledge that life is spilling over with reasons to be grateful!

This is why these off-shaped centerpieces make a perfect decoration this season. While turkey and pumpkin pie may be the staples of the season, the cornucopia represents the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

So what are you grateful for this Thanksgiving season? What's in your cornucopia?

Our guest contributor is Charlie Kindinger, son of our long time Landscape Designer, Barb Kindinger. He is a writer living in the Los Angeles area.

"Now that I've grown up and moved far away this idea of "Giving Thanks" has begun to take on a deeper meaning. Yes, the food will surely be plentiful (and delicious!), but more importantly, the love and support of family will be overflowing." ---Charlie
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