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Shotcrete Technology Advancement
ASA Past President John (Lihe) Zhang discusses major advancements of shotcrete over the past three decades. He also discusses shotcrete technology trends, such as sophisticated and complex concrete structures, durability of shotcrete structures, repair and rehabilitation, new materials, and equipment innovation, as well as the future of ASA and the shotcrete industry. To view the full article click here .
ASA Shotcrete Contractor Education
A requirement for the ASA Contractor Qualification Program
June 10, 2019 | 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
ASA Headquarters, Farmington Hills, MI

Fees: Course with reference materials and exam - $650;
Course with reference materials (no exam, ends at 3:30 PM) - $550
This seminar covers the essential aspects of being a shotcrete contractor. Topics include materials, equipment, personnel, application, QC/QA, curing, protection, and project management. It is also a required first step in the Shotcrete Contractor Qualification program, providing the opportunity to take the required written exam and learn more about the details and requirements for quality shotcrete placement. This is a valuable course for contractors regardless of your desire to pursue qualification. However, guidance for completion of the application is provided. Lunch is included.
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ASA Shotcrete Inspector Education
June 11, 2019 | 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
ASA Headquarters, Farmington Hills, MI

Fees: Course with reference materials - $425
The increasing use of shotcrete in construction, as well as the soon to be released shotcrete inclusion in the updated ACI 318, "Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete" necessitates on-site inspectors who are knowledgeable about shotcrete materials, application, and quality. This course is the recommended educational component to ACI’s Shotcrete Inspector Certification Program, ready for release 3Q, 2019. Lunch is included.
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Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course
 ASA is proud to be a supporting organization of the 12th Annual Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course . Presented by leading practitioners from around the globe, the Breakthroughs in Tunneling Short Course focuses on real-world solutions for real-world problems. Tunneling topics will include cutting-edge case studies, developing technologies, and trends from around the globe. Ground improvement and construction grouting has become an important part of tunnel and shaft construction. This year’s course will also include presentations by speakers on various ground improvement techniques, including jet, compaction, permeation, consolidation and contact grouting, as well as ground dewatering and freezing for tunnel, shaft, and cross-passage construction. In addition, attendees will learn about probing and pre-excavation grouting during tunnel excavation.
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The American Shotcrete Association (ASA), headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, is a non-profit organization of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, designers, engineers, owners, and others with a common interest in advancing the use of shotcrete. Founded in 1998, ASA increases awareness of the shotcrete process in concrete construction.