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September 24, 2023

Beloved Community: 


I am sharing one of my favorite reflections written by Dennis Welton when he was hiking across Spain on the old pilgrim trail called the Camino de Santiago. I think you may recognize yourself in some of these thoughts. I certainly do!

The one thing that everyone that hikes the Camino de Santiago does is to start out carrying too much stuff with us in our packs. There is nothing like walking miles and miles with a loaded backpack to help you figure out what is really important enough to carry on your back day after day, mile after mile.


Something I heard along the way has really stuck with me and I was thinking about it today. They say that "We carry our fears in our backpacks". In other words if you are afraid that you will run out of food and go hungry, then you carry too much food. If you are afraid of freezing, then you carry too many clothes. If you fear not being able to find a place to sleep, then you load yourself down with a tent and camping equipment.  Of course all this extra stuff is heavy, which makes us tired and sore and often causes injuries. The soreness and pain make us irritable and cranky and often that is what our fellow hikers see. They don't see the real us! They are seeing the result of the pain caused by carrying our fears and too much junk in our backpack.


I was thinking today about how a lot of the excess baggage that we carry around with us in life is the result of our fears. Also how we all have had things that have happened in our past that have impacted us in a negative way. These fears and bad experiences often cause us to behave and react to life and the people in it the way we do.


Just like a backpacker that is carrying stuff that is not needed or serves no real purpose, we keep lugging around things that we should have dumped long ago. The result is that the people in our lives do not get to see the real us. They don't get the best of us. Many times they are on the receiving end of the pain caused by the useless junk we are carrying around with us. Often, we have been hauling it around for so long that we have started to believe that it is part of who we are.


Maybe it is time to do what all of us backpackers end up doing along the way on a long walk. Unpack our overloaded personal backpacks and what we carry around every day with us. Examine each item honestly, determine if we actually need it or not and if it is really serving a purpose. If not, then leave it behind and move on.


Turning loose of something is hard, even if it is of no value because we have been carrying it for so long and we have convinced ourselves that we are not whole without it. Once we have the courage to make the decision to dump whatever is hindering us in our life, walk away from it and start moving forward, we end up wondering why we were carrying it to begin with.


Lighten your load, get rid of the fears and useless junk from the past, and let the real you walk free!"              ~ Dennis Welton ~



What are you carrying around that needs to be released? What have you been hauling around for so long that you no longer remember that it isn’t really you?   I invite you to join us this Sunday at the CSLBoise to get rid of the fears and useless junk of the past and walk free! It’s going to be an exciting day!

Peace and Blessings!

Rev. Jackie Holland

Community Spiritual Leader

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Join us this Sunday for

Meditation at 10:00 am, and Service at 10:30 am

Youth church is also open for tots through pre-teens.

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10464 W. Garverdale Ct. Boise, ID 83704 <

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This Week's Featured Practitioner:

Embodying affirmative love and truth, Loretta Knowles, RScP, compassionately supports our community, our sanctuary, and our prayers.

Don't miss her uplifting invocation and spiritual practices this Sunday.

Our Musicians This Week:

Upcoming Events:

We are excited to announce these upcoming events

that you won't want to miss! Mark your calendar!

  • Tuesday, October 2Fall Accredited Classes begin
  • Wednesday, September 27thSoul Collage with Marilyn Watkins
  • Sunday, October 1Birthday Sunday, celebrating those born in October with love and treats
  • Sunday, October 29The Fall Festival


This year, our Fall Festival will include a Raffle! It’s a lot of fun and gets everyone involved—even the outside community.

Church congregants can donate items and/or services. We ask that the value be at least $45. 

There are many healers in our church, so you might donate a session of reiki or other healing work, feng shui, garden work, art lessons, card reading or dinner prepared in the winner’s home. The service contributions are unlimited!

Our artists and creative folks can donate items that you make, crystal mobiles, decorative pillows, soaps, etc. (Minimum worth $45)

You could donate themed baskets such as a gardening basket, cold-weather basket (with a throw, hot chocolate mix, cozy socks), a wine basket with cheese and crackers and snacks. Be creative and imaginative! Call us and we'll give you ideas!

If you have a vacation home or time-share or "large ticket items", please call us and we'll include it in a silent acution.

Another source of donations is from the outside community. We all patronize places such as a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a hairdresser, an acupuncturist, a facialist, stores, restaurants, etc. We ask that congregants obtain a donation from at least one place they frequent. 

You could obtain a gift certificate for a service provider, a store, for a movie tickets-and-popcorn gift card, an event, etc. You could ask for a donation or pay for it as your own donation to the raffle.

This will be a fantastic fundraiser for CSL Boise. working together will get our community involved and it will be fun!

Please start planning on what you will donate to the Raffle, and let one of us from the committee know what you are donating at the e-mail addresses below.

Thank you for your participation!

Arlene Thompson - arlene_thompson@att.net

Stephanie Jackson - jordriles@gmail.com

Susan Bailey Smith - sbaileysmith@hotmail.com

Ongoing Weekly Events:

We have a range of exciting events lined up each week to deepen your spiritual practice and connect with like-minded individuals, like...

Practitioner's Corner:

Our prayer team understands the transformative power of prayer and its ability to bring positivity and healing into your life. Our dedicated team of prayer warriors are ready to pray on your behalf for 30 days. We are here to support you on your journey. Submit your prayer request today and experience the power of prayer.

Prayer of the Week

"My Love is complete within me. The Love of God binds me to Itself, and will not let me go.” Ernest Holmes

God’s Love is forever and ever expanding and deepening Itself, in, through and as every aspect of Its beautiful, glorious creation. This Love is higher and deeper than any human mind can begin to comprehend. 

The Infinite Love of God is all that there is, and each one of us is an expression of this ineffable Love.

It is in the complete Trust in this Love, God’s Love, that the leaves and needles on our maples and tamarack allow the fall splendor to emerge in the breaking down of chlorophyll inside of them. The alchemal changes produce spectacular colors in the Fall foliage. The complete Trust in God that these magnificent trees demonstrate in their eventual willingness to let go of their leaves, inspires us all. As we allow the activities of nature’s “letting go” in Autumn provide the inspiration for our own courageous hearts to let go, the space empties in our consciousness, for new life and more Love.

We together express Gratitude for the constant change that occurs in our human lives, allowing for the alchemy to transform each one of us into our greatest yet to be. Appreciation radiates to this constant, everlasting Love of Spirit, that gives us the courage to let go. We can let go easily, trusting that nothing leaves our lives unless something better is coming!

This Word is released into the Law of Mind, with complete confidence that it is done. 

And So It Is!

Loretta Knowles, RScP

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Meditative Thought

by Dr. Ernest S. Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind

"The only thing that can bring love, joy, peace, and prosperity to the world is a direct experience of the Invisible. We must sense the immediate presence of Life. With simplicity and directness, we must sense that the Spirit is at the center of our own lives. We must learn to recognize that It is at the center of all people." - Ernest Holmes, 365 Science of Mind, p. 365

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