August 22, 2021

Forgiven, we forgive, and so are set free.
8:30 am Roebuck Chapel
In Person
Rev. Bud Reeves
Solo “Canticle of Fellowship”
Keely Sattazahn, Soloist
Nancy W. Vernon, Organist
9:00 am Connexion
In Person, Facebook Live and YouTube
Rev. Bud Reeves
“Holy Water”
“Lord I Need You”
“Reckless Love”
“O Come To The Altar”
11:10 am Sanctuary
In Person, Facebook Live, YouTube, and FM 103.5
Rev. Bud Reeves
Anthem: “Canticle of Fellowship” 
Anthem: “Christ’s Flock”
Keely Sattazahn, Gaye Mings, Jordan Brown,
Jordan Smith, Soloists
Nancy W. Vernon, Organist
Sunday, August 22
8:30 am Chapel Service
9:00 am Connexion Worship, In Person, Facebook Live and YouTube
10:10 am Sunday Small Groups
11:10 am Sanctuary Worship, In Person, Facebook Live, YouTube & FM 103.5
2:00 pm Modern Widows Club Community Information Event, Great Hall
4:30 pm Middle School Youth, Loft
6:00 pm High School Youth, Loft
Tuesday, August 24
6:00 pm Serving from the Heart
Wednesday, August 25
5:30 pm Evening Prayer, In Person, Facebook Live and You Tube
6:00 pm Guest Services Volunteer Meeting
Thursday, August 26
10:00 am Knitters & Knotters, Fireside Room
7:00 pm Young Adult Ministry
In Our Prayers
In Baptist Health Hospital:
  • Garry Carroll
In Mercy Hospital:
  • Billy Dooly
Sunday August 22, 2021 2:00-4:00pm in the Great Hall
Meet MWC Founder and Speaker Carolyn Moor. She will share their 10 year Impact Report and how supporting widows locally, nationally and globally is of great social, community and biblical significance. 
Who should attend:
  • Widows (their friends and family members)
  • Grief Counselor
  • Hospice
  • Caregiver groups
  • Social workers
  • Funeral Directors
  • Estate Attorneys
  • Public Servants
  • Pastor/clergy
  • Adult Children
For more information:
Or call Gail Oakes at 479-782-5068 or 479-459-0479
Please join us on Wednesday, August 25th at 6pm in the Fireside Room. We want to spend some time to express our appreciation for the time you give each week to welcome our worship attenders. You are our First Impressions Team and we couldn’t do Sunday mornings without you. We also want to make sure everyone is up to speed on our current protocols and procedures, as well as cover any questions or suggestions you may have. Our meeting should only last about an hour. We look forward to seeing you on the 25th!
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     We appreciate so much your continual support of our church ministries! Through the first half of the year, our contributions were running about $70,000 under expenses. It is not unusual for us to run somewhat behind through the summer, but we nevertheless want to encourage everyone to keep up or catch up with your giving, so we can continue to accomplish the mission God has for us in this place. Thanks again, and if you need any information about your personal record of giving, contact Jeannine Thomas in the church office.
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