June 20, 2021
“Who Gets Invited to the Picnic?” 
Everyone can be included in the celebration of God’s grace.
8:30 am Chapel (in person only)
9:00 am Connexion (in person and live-streamed)
10:10 am Sunday School (in person)
11:10 am Sanctuary (in person, live-streamed and radio)
8:30 am Roebuck Chapel
In Person
Rev. Bud Reeves
Solo “May All Who Seek Him Rejoice” Donna Butler
Deborah Underhill, Soloist
Nancy W. Vernon, Organist
9:00 am Connexion
In Person, Facebook Live and YouTube
Rev. Bud Reeves
“Your Grace Is Enough”
Pour Out My Heart”
“Holy Spirit”
“Big House”
11:10 am Sanctuary
In Person, Facebook Live, YouTube, and FM 103.5
Rev. Bud Reeves
Anthem: “He Comes to Us”
Anthem:  “Bring Us Together, Lord”
Chancel Choir
Gaye Mings, Choir Director
Nancy W. Vernon, Organist
In Mercy Hospital:
  • Bob Worley
Loss of loved ones and friends:
  • Opal Wasson—mother of Ken Wasson (Shelley), Dick Wasson (Linda), Linda Teel (Tony).
  • Kimberly Maul—sister of Dan (Jeannine) Thomas
Sunday, June 20
8:30 am Chapel Service
9:00 am Connexion Worship, In Person, Facebook Live and YouTube
10:10 am Sunday Small Groups
11:10 am Sanctuary Worship, In Person, Facebook Live, YouTube & FM 103.5
4:30 pm Red Shield Diner Night

Monday, June 21
9:00 am VBS Club 56 Excursions Mon-Fri

Tuesday, June 22
6:30 pm Introducing the Old Testament, Zoom

Wednesday, June 23
10:00 am Lady Bells, Bayliss Hall
12:30 pm Weekday School Board Meeting
4:00 pm 10 Brave Christians, Friends Classroom
5:30 pm Evening Prayer, In Person, Facebook Live and You Tube
7:00 pm Choir Practice

Thursday, June 24
10:00 am Knitters & Knotters, Narthex
12:00 pm Modern Widows Club, Fireside Room
7:00 pm Young Adult Ministry
The Upper Room for July/August are available and can be found at entrances to the church or in the church office.

We will no longer be mailing these out. Notify the church office if you are unable to pick one up and still need to have it mailed to you.

Church office 479-782-5068
The focus for the next four years of United Methodist Women is Interrupting the School to Prison Pipeline. ( The School to Prison Pipeline) There are several ways that we can support the children that are often found in the Pipeline.
Children in Foster Care are usually removed from their situation with only the clothes they are wearing. Other services can supply clothing, but as the children are moved from Foster home to Foster home, they usually are given a garbage bag to carry their belongings. Think about your feelings if your value was established as being worth of a garbage bag.
This summer the FSFUMC UMW will have a luggage drive for children. We are asking for luggage that you are not using, an appropriate size for a child to manage, in good condition—but not necessarily new. The Sunday School class used by Seekers will be used for storing the luggage and Janie Weber will pick it up and take it to DHS for distribution.
It does seem like a small idea, but all of us understand the power of knowing we are more valuable than carrying our lives in a garbage bag.
First Youth Summer Calendar
We will have an in-person VBS kickoff on Sunday, July 18th, where you can pick up your VBS Packet and T-shirt, along with tons of fun stuff for the kids to do! You won't want to miss out on this IN-PERSON event! 
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