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My Vision

Great Conversations and Industry Insights at ISC West 2024

First, I want to thank everyone who visited the DICE booth and those I met. Beyond showcasing our products and services, for me, our industry expos are invaluable. They provide a unique platform for speaking with security professionals and ISC West 2024 was no exception. The conversations I had with security professionals of all types during the expo offer a window into the industry's pulse – the concerns, aspirations, and emerging trends that are shaping the future of security.

At this year's ISC West, I had the opportunity to dive deep into industry trends with seasoned veterans and newcomers. The conversations revealed a fascinating mix of excitement and caution. Let me share the key takeaways I gleaned from the show.

Security Landscape in Flux A wave of acquisitions has swept through the security industry, leaving some feeling uneasy. The consolidation has resulted in fewer independent players, raising concerns about dwindling choices and dwindling support for existing products. This focus on mergers and acquisitions can stifle innovation as well. Independent companies often lead the charge in developing new security solutions, but when they're absorbed by larger entities, the emphasis can shift towards integration and cost-cutting, potentially resulting in less customer support and leaving groundbreaking ideas on the backburner.

Unified Systems Gain Traction: Security professionals are now seeing the benefit and are increasingly interested in unified systems that seamlessly integrate video surveillance with intrusion alarms. This eliminates the need to manage and monitor separate systems from different vendors, offering a more centralized platform for enhanced security and streamlined operations.

Artificial Intelligence: Exciting Yet Cautious: I mentioned groundbreaking technology. The buzzword today is AI. While many of us are using AI in some way today, there's also a concern about integrating such a complex technology into security measures.

Beyond Basic Video Monitoring: There's also a growing demand for managed video services that extend beyond simply verifying a security alert. Businesses are looking for solutions that leverage video data for deeper insights ranging from object, person, and car recognition to more complex services such as loitering and people counting that offer business insight such as analytics that track customer behavior in a retail space.

ISC West was a great opportunity to learn and connect with security professionals and I am looking forward to future conferences. The industry is evolving rapidly, and it's exciting to see the focus on innovation and comprehensive solutions. Stay tuned. I believe in spite of some of the concerns… the best is yet to come.

-Avi Lupo, Co-president

The DICE Receiver Farm:

No Servers to Manage and No Compatibility Headaches

Managing receivers, software, and networks can be expensive, time-consuming, and takes away your focus from what really matters - providing the best monitoring service for your dealers and their customers.

DICE offers a better way. We have a complete system designed to:

  • Make things easierNo more dealing with hardware, software, or network issues.
  • Boost security: Our secure data center keeps your information safe.
  • Help you grow: Focus on running your monitoring center, not your IT infrastructure.

Here's how DICE helps:

  • Say Goodbye to Receivers: Let us handle them! We offer co-location for your existing receivers, or you can lease space and use our versatile equipment, including our all-signal IP receiver.
  • Managed Infrastructure Benefits:
  • Reduce cost on renewing outdated equipment.
  • Reduce your IT workload and free up resources.
  • Gain peace of mind with a secure and protected network.
  • Focus on delivering top-notch security monitoring services.

DICE is more than just cost savings. It's about opportunity. Our system lets you innovate faster, scale your business easier, and stay ahead of the competition.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Contact DICE today and take control of your future!

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Canadian Central Stations: Don't Get Left Behind!

DICE offers the only ULC compliant data center in the US, perfect for stations serving both Canada and the US!

By 2025, Canadian rules require central stations to have backups in separate locations. Building your own is expensive.

DICE's solution: Host your system in our secure, ULC compliant data center. Plus, enjoy other benefits like reduced costs and easy management.

Don't wait! Call DICE today to secure your spot and be ready.

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No Need to Purchase Monitoring Software Take Advantage of Monthly Subscription to Matrix

Forget massive upfront costs! Matrix offers alarm & video monitoring through a subscription model, making it affordable and accessible for everyone!

Here's how it benefits you:

  • Save Money Upfront: No big investments needed, freeing up your cash for other priorities.
  • Pay as You Grow: Plans adjust to your needs, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Always Up-to-Date: Regular updates and maintenance ensure the latest features and security.
  • Monitor from Anywhere: Keep an eye on things with remote access from any device.
  • Simple Budgeting: Predictable monthly costs make financial planning easier.
  • Data Security Included: Your information is protected with high security standards.
  • Get Help When You Need It: Technical support is always available to answer your questions.

...and much more. The future is subscription-based. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo!

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Are You Ready to Meet the New AVS-01 Standard?

Are you ready to meet the new AVS-01 standard? Having a comprehensive understanding of what is happening at the location of the alarm provides critical context for operational success. AVS-01 paves the way for widespread adoption of audio and video monitoring in the security industry. DICE, as unified platform, is providing the communication needed as well as real-time information!

DICE is ready. Are you? Contact us to show you how both dealers and central station can offer audio and video verification as part of your security packages – and learn how to meet the AVS-01 Standard!

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We've Got the Solution for Lost and Broken Alarm Signals and the POTS Sunset

Tired of lost or broken alarm signals plaguing your central station and affecting dealers, and customers? DICE and IPtelX, our sister company, offer the industry-leading solution to eliminate these communication errors.

Here's why we're the best choice:

  • Fixes What Others Can't: Our powerful system identifies and resolves issues that leave others behind.
  • Works Across the BoardPerfect for any central station and any automation software.
  • Millions Trust Us: IPtelX, a licensed telecom carrier in the U.S. and Canada, is servicing 10 million satisfied subscribers and growing fast as well.

Not only have we eliminated lost and broken alarm signal communication errors, but also saved central stations money on telecom communication costs, and much more. Plus, we offer a seamless transition away from outdated POTS lines.

Contact us to learn how easily you can integrate our solution and finally say goodbye to signal problems and the POTS Sunset.

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The Ideal Billing and Accounting Solution for Your Central Station

Tired of complicated billing for your central station? Our Matrix Dealer Billing module simplifies everything!

Here's how it helps:

  • Seamless Integration: Works perfectly with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, a powerful accounting system. that has been customized for the alarm industry.
  • Customizable RatesSet individual prices for each dealer based on services offered (intrusion, PERS, call answering, etc.)
  • Automatic Tiers: Create pricing structures with tiers based on account volume. Billing automatically adjusts based on these tiers.
  • Flexible Charging: Choose how to charge dealers - by signal count with overcharge fees, set fees, or a combination.
  • Easy Proration: Effortlessly prorate new accounts - you decide if you offer a free month!
  • Detailed Reports: Invoices come with clear summaries per service, including totals, descriptions, account and event counts, and a detailed report.

Contact us today to learn more about Matrix Dealer Billing!

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Our "Wiki" Documentation Center

Is Open and Available

If you would like to explore more information on The New DICE, our "Wiki" Documentation Center is now available whether or not you are a DICE customer. This is great way to learn more information on the products and services we offer. And when you are ready, contact us for a demo.

This is just one part of our complete, 24/7 support system. Check out the DICE Documentation Center here!

Where Was Avi?

At ISC West... along with Cliff, Jerry, and Jen!

Great meeting both old and new friends at ISC West. Also great to have Cliff, Jerry, and Jen with me.

Meet with Avi at These Great Events Through June

Let's meet! There are still several more events I will be attending through June - and of course the rest of the year.

  • Security Canada East in Laval, Quebec - April 24
  • CAA Spring Convention in Palm Springs, California - May 15-18
  • ESX in Louisville, Kentucky - June 3-6
  • Security Canada West in Richmond, British Colombia - June 19

As we approach each show, we will send reminders with more information. There are a lot of exciting things already in place and planned for the future at the New DICE that I would like to personally share. You can email me at or call 857-257-9000 to schedule a day and time at each event.

If you won't be attending, Zoom is a great way to meet me without having to travel. You can see a demo of Matrix Interactive Video, learn more about all that the New DICE can offer, and much more.

Hope to see you soon either in person or on a Zoom call! 


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