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Transforming The New DICE Vision into Real World Solutions

For years, the security industry has grappled with the limitations of traditional monitoring methods. At DICE Corporation, we've always envisioned a future where proactive monitoring, data-driven insights, and cutting-edge technology revolutionize the way we safeguard people and property. Today, we're proud to say that this vision is no longer a dream, but a tangible reality.

In the ever-evolving security landscape, a clear vision is paramount. However, a vision without execution is simply a well-crafted dream. At DICE Corporation, we believe that true innovation lies not just in imagining a better future, but in relentlessly pursuing it.

We translate our vision into tangible solutions that address real-world challenges and leave a lasting impact on the industry. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and developing groundbreaking technologies like Video as a Sensor and Multi-View is a testament to this philosophy. By bridging the gap between vision and reality, we empower security professionals and create a safer world for everyone.

DICE Corporation: Pioneering a Future-Forward Approach

Long before the industry embraced the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video analytics, DICE Corporation championed these advancements. We recognized the potential for real-time video threat detection, intelligent automation, and actionable data to transform security from reactive to proactive. We recognized the immense value of video data beyond simple visuals and now seeing the hallmarks of our vision become mainstream:

  • Video as a Sensor: Our platform becomes virtually a video alarm panel and sees cameras with analytics as sensors, which makes it possible to arm and disarm cameras and create video zones.
  • Video Zones/Arm/Disarm Cameras: For example, an integrator can define 10 video zones for a site that has 50 cameras, each zone having 5 cameras. The end user can then arm and disarm those video zones like an alarm intrusion system. We recognized the immense value of video data beyond simple visuals. Our solutions go beyond traditional video monitoring, treating every frame as a sensor teeming with valuable information. This allows for advanced analytics to identify anomalies and potential threats, even in low-light conditions.
  • Multi-View Technology: When the central station receives notification from a certain zone, the operator will see a multi-view all the cameras in that zone. Understanding a situation from multiple angles is crucial. DICE Corporation's innovative Multi-View solutions empower security professionals to view footage from different cameras simultaneously, providing a comprehensive understanding of events unfolding on a property.
  • Crystal Clear Video, Regardless of Bandwidth: Unreliable internet connections can hinder security effectiveness. As Cliff Dice always says, you're not watching a football game! DICE's advancements ensure clear, high-quality video transmission even with limited bandwidth, guaranteeing valuable visual data under any circumstance.
  • Automatic Device Registration: Managing a network of security devices can be time-consuming. Our automatic registration technology simplifies the process, allowing network devices to seamlessly integrate into the system, saving valuable time and ensuring efficient operation.

This opens the door to advanced video services inluding remote guarding, video verification, and AI video analytics.

The Benefits for the Industry and End Users

These new innovations have given central stations and integrators powerfl new services to offer end users. As the industry adopts these and other advancements championed by the New DICE, end users are realizing more benefits from their security system.

  • Reduced False Alarms: Proactive monitoring significantly minimizes the occurrence of false alarms, leading to faster response times for legitimate threats and a more efficient use of resources.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Real-time data with video verification, including Multi-View capabilities, provides security personnel with a clearer understanding of what's happening on a property, allowing for more informed decision-making (and perfect for the new AVS-01 standard).
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Automated tasks like device registration and data-driven insights free up valuable time for security professionals, enabling them to focus on strategic planning and risk mitigation.

Leading the Way Forward

At the New DICE, we remain at the forefront of innovation, continuously developing cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of security. We are committed to working alongside industry partners to ensure a future where advanced technology offers new opportunities and empowers a safer and more secure world.

Visit Us at ISC West Booth #4045

We're here to unveil the future of security and share the vision and reality. Our innovations are opening doors to unforeseen possibilities and growth, both for you and the entire industry. Visit us at ISC West booth #4045 and let's explore the future of security together.

-Avi Lupo, Co-president

ISC West Is Coming Up Quickly We're Looking Forward to Seeing Everyone

Haven't Registered Yet? Enjoy Complimentary Exhibit Hall Registration to ISC West as Our Guest

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And visit DICE in booth #4045. We have lots to share and show. For instance:

  • The most advanced video & alarm monitoring solutions in the industry!  
  • The solution to lost and broken signals at your central station
  • How alarm and video work together in our unified hybrid solution
  • How we provide you with disaster recovery and business continuity in the face of a catastrophe
  • How we can automatically map your networks and register devices without your needing heavy IT support
  • How we can provide you with a solution to the POTS sunset
  • New video features including multi-view and arm/disarm
  • How the Dice Receiver Farm eliminates the burden and cost of maintaining receivers in-house
  • How our unified platform provides everything you need without having to use multiple systems and platforms
  • How the DICE solution helps you meet AVS-01 standards
  • ...and much more!

Visit DICE at booth #4045

Contact us to schedule a day and time at booth #4045. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

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Our Unified Platform Provides a Complete Solution

DICE is the only company that has a cloud-based unified platform for alarms, video, infrastructure services, communications, and much more. Other automation companies or alarm providers pretending to be software company only have part of the solution. Central stations, command centers, and dealers need to mix and match different software / infrastructure, which, when you think about it, doesn't make sense.

A Central Station with the DICE Unified Platform Provides its Dealers and End Users with....

• Mobile armed/disarmed and partitioned video zones for cameras

• Instant multi-view of live and recorded video events for end users

• Patented VPN, cybersecurity, and automatic registration of all devices

• Voice down & remote activation of devices (doors, gates, etc.)

• Automated and scheduled reports with embedded video events

...and much more!

We direct a few hundred thousand accounts of dealers to our clients each year and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Dealers are looking for central stations that can offer these features and new services. Central station, will you be able to provide it to them? Do you want to be one of the dealers centers we recommend? Visit booth #4045 and we’ll fill you in!

DICE, the Infrastructure Company that Takes Away Network Headaches

Did you know DICE is an infrastructure company? We can provide not just the software, but also the hardware and networking components that you need. As you know, with today's cloud infrastructure, applications and data are accessible from anywhere. That is important for redundancy and UL requirements in a central station.

By having DICE provide any or all these services, there will be:

  • No need to host your own receivers
  • No need to be concerned about cybersecurity 
  • No need to worry about updates and compatibility
  • No need to purchase and maintain new equipment
  • No need for substantial in-house IT support

...and much more...

Stop by booth #4045 and see how DICE can provide a well-maintained IT infrastructure that can help you improve your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders!

Are You Ready to Meet the New AVS-01 Standard?

Are you ready to meet the new AVS-01 standard? Having a comprehensive understanding of what is happening at the location of the alarm provides critical context for operational success. AVS-01 paves the way for widespread adoption of audio and video monitoring in the security industry. DICE, as unified platform, is providing the communication needed as well as real-time information!

DICE is ready. Are you? Visit us in booth #4045 to show you how both dealers and central station can offer audio and video verification as part of your security packages – and learn how to meet the AVS-01 Standard!

We've Got the Solution for Lost and Broken Signals for Central Stations

Are you experiencing lost and broken signals? It’s an industry wide problem that affects your central station, your dealers, and end users. But with DICE and IPtelX, you can identify, resolve, and eliminate communication signal errors that others cannot. Problem solved! Perfect for ANY central station and ANY automation software. See why millions of subscriber panels and the industries’ wireless panel manufacturers have chosen our solution over others.

Plus, IPtelX and DICE provide a great solution to the POTS sunset.

Visit us at ISC West booth #4045 to see how easy it is to incorporate our solution into your central station and resolve the problem.

The Ideal Billing and Accounting Solution for Your Central Station

Streamline your billing process with our Matrix Dealer Billing module! This powerful tool seamlessly integrated with a very powerful accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. It empowers you to define individual contracted rates for each dealer, specifying the services offered and corresponding charges. This ensures accurate and efficient billing tailored to each dealer's unique needs.

For instance, central stations can create a pricing structure for each dealer with tiers based on the number of accounts. This automatically updates the rates when you bill.

Dealers can be charged by the central station by the number of signals, allowing overcharge fees or set fees. You choose what works for each dealer. Each would be a different line on the bill.

Different services and different charges. The program allows for a separate charge for intrusion, PERS, call answering, and more.

One thing that's very difficult for dealer centrals is when you bring an account on, do you prorate it or give a free month? Our software allows you to easily prorate it. It is your decision.

The activity on the invoice comes from the monitoring software. When the dealer receives the central station Dynamics bill, there is a summary for each type of service, what the totals are, the description, how many accounts, how many events, plus a detailed report.

There is so much more. If that sounds ideal for your central station, stop by booth #4045 and learn what the Matrix Billing Module combines with Microsoft Dynamics can do for you.

If You Are Not Satisfied with Your Current Monitoring Automation Software...

Let Us Show You the Matrix Difference!

And Even If You Are Content with Your Current Monitoring Automation Software...

We'll Show You What You Are Missing!

How many stars would you give you current automation monitoring platform? How about the company? What is their vision for the future and are they prepared for changes? How many stars would you give them for support?


There have been quite a number of changes in the past years and the choices have narrowed down. There are far less providers today due to acquisitions and changes in the industry and many are behind, or resource strapped.

How many are also an infrastructure company?


DICE has stood the test of time for over 35 years and continues to stay ahead of future technologies.


DICE Corporation… now the New DICE, a software AND infrastructure company.


What does that mean to you? With Matrix and DICE, you'll have many features and benefits:


  • Powerful, unified enterprise automation and event management platform.

  • Cloud- and browser-based.


  • Hybrid platform includes alarms, video, access control, IoT, PERS, and much more.


  • Designed to interface with every video product, audio product, and all alarm products.


  • Includes our built in PBX with call recording to seamlessly provide your alarm center platform or easily interface to your PBX.


  • Integration with virtually all analytic providers.


  • Opens up new managed services like alarm with integrated audio and interactive video such as: Alarm Video Verification; PERS; Delayed Loitering; Virtual Doorman; Video storage on the cloud, and much more...


  • 24/7 support from a team that answers the phone night and day!


  • Experienced conversion from any automation software.


  • UL and ULC data centers – no need to purchase receivers as we provide them with the software.


Matrix interactive was the ESX Innovation Award Winner 2023!


Rock Solid Alarm Event Management!

With Built-in Video Verification and

the Leader in AI Video Detection


You have a choice. Visit us at ISC West booth #4045 or contact us for a demo and let's work together to provide you with the automation software, video solution, and infrastructure for your future.

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Where Was Avi?

At the NJELSA Annual Symposium & Expo

Great meeting both old and new friends at the NJELSA Annual Symposium & Expo in Atlantic City. As you can see in the photo, DICE was a proud sponsor for the event. And congratulations to industry veteran Lew Walters who is retiring this year and was honored at the expo. The middle picture shows Lew sharing his "farewell" speech.

Meet with Avi at These Great Events

Let's meet! There are still several more events I will be attending through June - and of course the rest of the year.

  • ISC West in Las Vegas - April 9-12
  • Security Canada East in Laval, Quebec - April 24
  • CAA Spring Convention in Palm Springs, California - May 15-18
  • ESX in Louisville, Kentucky - June 3-6
  • Security Canada West in Richmond, British Colombia - June 19

As we approach each show, we will send reminders with more information. There are a lot of exciting things already in place and planned for the future at the New DICE that I would like to personally share. You can email me at or call 857-257-9000 to schedule a day and time at each event.

If you won't be attending, Zoom is a great way to meet me without having to travel. You can see a demo of Matrix Interactive Video, learn more about all that the New DICE can offer, and much more.

Hope to see you soon either in person or on a Zoom call! 


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