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Week 19- Spring Semester 2023/24

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Principal's message:

Happy Friday Coyotes!

Well, like all amazing sports runs, they eventually come to an end. Big congratulations to our Baseball team for their semi-final run this year. What a great accomplishment for the team, and great foundation to build off of for future years. Thanks to all who supported throughout the season.

With baseball completed, we had one last CIF athlete...Jonathan Hsu, who represented BPHS in the in CIF playoffs, another first in a long time for the school. He played with a lot of heart and determination, and even though he didn't make it to the next round, he learned a lot from the experience and will be back at it next year! We look forward to seeing him continue to grow and come back stronger for playoffs next year!

Last Tuesday we got to honor and recognize our Classified Staff Member of the Year Anglica Belmudez (who unfortunately couldn't attend), and our Certificated Employee of the Year, and District Teacher of the Year Amanda Klaus. Congratulations ladies on a well deserve recognition.

Come and get it! This year's yearbook is here! I got my copy and am loving it! What a great job our yearbook staff continues to do year after year. The theme is creative, the pics are amazing, and the content is great!

Earlier this week, BPHS hosted our English Learners for an awards ceremony at The Ehler's Center Heritage Hall. We celebrated the students who reclassified with a medal to honor the work for transitioning from an English Learner to a fully English proficient student. We also celebrated the ELD 1, 2, 3, and 4 students for being the MVPs of their class, the best reader, speaker, and a Shining Stars. All Long Term English Learners who had large improvements in their GPAs were also recognized for their achievements. It was a great night with over 200 in attendance to celebrate our English Learners. Thanks to the families and students who attended this year's EL Awards ceremony and packed Heritage Hall. It was a great evening full of dining and coming together to celebrate the students who have accomplished various milestones in the EL community. Also, thanks to our amazing ELAC parent group for their contributions to transform Heritage Hall into a BP wonderland!

Lastly, Seniors...you are about to enter your last regular week of high school! You are undoubtedly feeling excited, and probably a little nervous, but either way...finish strong. For the rest of you, push through to the end, get your marks as high as possible, so you end the year on a high note!

Have a wonderful weekend Coyotes!

Dr. Berg

***If viewing on your computer - when you get to the bottom of the screen, click "view entire message" to see the whole newsletter***

Over the past year, the Fullerton Joint Union High School District has been dedicated to engaging with administrators, faculty, and the community to gather valuable feedback on our school facilities. We are pleased to announce that this collaborative effort has culminated in the completion of our Facilities Master Plan. Your input has been invaluable, and we are excited to share the results with you. For detailed information and insights, please watch our Tutorial Video and then visit our Facilities Master Plan website. We thank you for your continued support and engagement in enhancing our educational environment and thank you for being a vital part of this process.

Coyotes of Character

R.I.S.E. Up Spotlight of the Week

Service Before Self

It's the little things we do that can make a positive impact on others. We don't do good things to be recognized, but people recognize when we do good things.

Great job Coyotes of Character!

Abel Peralta

Abel is always here to assist me around the classroom with a positive and helpful attitude. His kind smile and welcoming words are appreciated. (Mrs. Brown)

Congratulations Seniors on your acceptances!

We'll add in a few more each week...keep letting your counselor know!

Isaura DeLeon - BPHS Calculus Queen

This year, Isaura DeLeon became the first math teacher in BPHS history to teach AP Calculus. Our past Calculus teachers have included Joe Parish, Brice Hunt, Fernando Rodriguez, and now, crowned BPHS Calculus Queen by Math Club President Kaylaa Huynh, Ms. DeLeon. It’s been an honor to work with Ms. Deleon. Fun fact, she is also an avid Dodger fan...so she has proved just how smart she really is! :)

The Misadventures of Fernandean

This week our dynamic duo was called into action to assist with some students who were experiencing some minor health issues. Of course, they quickly administered the needed treatments and sent the students on their way back to class, but little did our health office know, how they were able to do so with such precision and expediency. Well, both Fernando and Dean hold honorary medical degrees with the State of Vermont. Similar to Ben Affleck, Oprah Winfrey, and Celine Dion, who are just a few of the many celebrities who hold honorary doctoral degrees, or Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and Elton John, who have all been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, back in the day our duo received their honorary degrees for their contributions to the medical field. Little do most people know, but our duo are responsible for such contributions as finding the missing link between blue and violet in the rainbow, identifying the long-lost tree of the Keebler Elves, and curing the often hurt feelings and bruised egos of the lonely late 20-somethings as they listen to Semisonic's Closing Time while exiting their local watering holes on a Saturday night. Able to identify from their single days, our duo began fiddling around with remedies to cure that lost loving feeling so many experience in life. So while hanging out one night with a group of their closest friends, at McGillicuddy’s in Waterbury, Vermont, a preppie establishment owned by Tad Cruise, our duo found themselves sipping eggnog in turtlenecks by the fireplace with Tad’s brother Tom and some of their closest friends. Dean spotted a lovely lady across the room, and no sooner had he spotted her, than Fernando jumped on the baby grand next to the bar and started playing some simple notes. Dean broke out into song, catching the eye of the future Mrs. Dean casually sitting by the fireplace. He sang, “You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips.” With a short four bars on the piano, Dean continued, “And there's no tenderness like before in your fingertips.” With the courage of a lion, Dean raised his arm, pointing at the future Mrs. Dean, and exclaimed in song, “You're trying hard not to show it…” which caught her attention, as well as the attention of Thadeus, Sterling, Tom, Keaton, and some other preppies gathered around the piano, who at that moment harmonized with Dean, “But baby, baby I know it.” And the rest is history. Fernando and Dean had discovered the lost lovin feeling of another, and future Mrs. Dean, who had recently lost that loving feeling, felt the deep touch into her soul by Dean’s words, Fernando’s master pianist abilities, and the chorus of preppies. She rose and met Dean at the piano, where they embraced for the first time, an embrace that they hold to this day, whenever Dean is not off saving the world of course. Tom was so touched by this moment that when he later starred in a little known indie film called Top Gun, he recreated the scene for himself and a B actress at the time named Kelly. Everytime Dean and Mrs. Dean watch Top Gun, they always remember how they first met, and how Fernando and Dean found the lovin feeling she had lost. With their discovery and contribution to mending broken hearts, they were later bestowed their honorary medical degree from Love University in the same Waterbury Village Historic District in Vermont. A great accomplishment for our duo, who now to this day are able to confidently assess and treat all types of patients, practicing medicine across state lines all over the United States, when necessary. Lucky for the students of BPHS, these two are available on a moments notice to ensure our students are safe and healthy. 

Stay tuned for future adventures of Fernandean...

Superintendent's Newsletter

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Quote of the Week

Dad Joke of the Week

Someone told me that a pun about vegetables is not possible, but that is not neceCELERY true.

ASB Forum

HEY COYOTES! This is your ASB executive president Joshua Labrador! Don't forget to follow our ASB Instagram and TikTok @buenapark_asb for all the updates, spirit days, events, and info you need on everything going on!


The Air Force has officially recognized our BPHS JROTC Unit (CA-946), once again, as a JROTC Distinguished Unit. This entitles all the cadets in our unit with a "B" or better in JROTC to wear the Distinguished Unit Award ribbon on their uniforms. Great Job cadets!

Over the past weekend, the BPHS AFJROTC unit completed its annual Bataan Memorial hike of 14 miles with an overnight camping experience at the Canyon RV Park in Anaheim, CA. All cadets earned the Bataan March Memorial Hike ribbon and gained valuable experience on how to eat an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). 

Ms. Mansour - Ms. Herreros - Ms. Gallego - Ms. Curtis

Coyote Corner
"Support is just around the corner"
Buena Park High School values all student’s social-emotional health, and we have developed a center that houses resources to support students throughout the day. Students who need a safe place to cope with anxiety, stress or need someone to talk to can visit our COYOTE CORNER (Room 27) at the front of the school. The Corner is open before and after school, during lunch and breaks, by appointment with a therapist, or with a pass from a teacher or administrator. Please stop in and visit and know that "Support is just around the CORNER."

Weekly Wellness Reminder

Hello Coyotes, 

As we approach the end of April and slide into May, we can feel the bittersweet feeling of another efficacious school year. This month we celebrate and observe many important dates (Mental Health Awareness Month, Mothers Day, Memorial Day) among those is a week dedicated to you all educators!

Students at BP SAC (Student Advisory Council) have had a busy week as they kicked off Mental Health Awareness Month by being presenters at the OCDE AND LACOE Prevention Summit. SAC students then went above and beyond here on campus by having a week full of events, including mindful painting in the quad, signing a mental health pledge, and ending the week with our first wellness fair. Congratulations to SAC for all their achievements and most importantly creating a culture of awareness and support surrounding student health and wellness. 

OC/LA Wellness Conference

The Buena Park Student Advisory Council, responsible for shaping and promoting wellness services on the BPHS campus over the past year, was invited to share their experiences and advice at the OC/LA Wellness Conference this year. In front of a packed room full of educators and wellness specialists from around the County, these incredible students displayed honesty and courage as they shared lessons learned, successes, and failures along their journey as advisory members. Congratulations to their advisor, BPHS Mental Health Specialist Jesse Nova for engaging them in this endeavor and in their words, inspiring them to take action for themselves and their classmates. 

We want YOU to be part of our BPHS PTSA! Be in the know of everything BPHS...Help plan some special functions like Grad Nite...Students who are members of PTSA qualify for special scholarships in the spring of their senior year!
It's a great way to be involved!
Students...do you know your SLOs

Student Learning Outcomes

The purpose of SLOs are to increased student awareness of their own learning

Explicitly-stated learning goals give students a way to think and talk about what they have learned. They make it easier for students to “know what they know” and give students a language to communicate what they know to others. Such awareness is considered central to learning that lasts.
Have a Great Week Coyotes!
It's a Great Time to be a Coyote!
We boast an amazingly diverse student body that enriches the campus on a daily basis. Our focus on success means we hold all students to high expectations, and provide a supportive environment in order to help them reach their dreams. The work will be hard, but we provide the means for all students to be connected to high school and gain future college and career ready success.
Respect ~ Integrity ~ Service ~ Excellence
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