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Week 16 - Spring Semester 2023/24

Principal's message:

Happy Friday Coyotes! Wow is there a lot of content in this newsletter. Check out the table of contents below and all the program updates throughout. It's another great week at The Park, with another milestone reached this year by a program! Congratulations to Coach Gutierrez, and baseball who ended the regular season with a big win vs FUHS yesterday. They ended the regular season with a school record 21 wins. But most impressive was the fact that they needed the win yesterday to secure 2nd place in league and an automatic berth in the CIF playoffs…and they got it! Great job boys! But the season’s not over, it’s only just beginning. We will find out Monday who we play in the first round next week. Stay tuned!

Big shout out to our Junior class who completed their state testing this week. It’s a strong class and I look forward to the results later this summer. Thank you Dr. Jenkins and our Science, Math, and English departments for putting together a great testing schedule and for your motivation and work to ensure a smooth and successful testing season.

Theater is finishing up their spring play run this evening. If you haven’t had a chance to see it, get in your car and rush over to the PAC, it starts at 7pm! The whole cast does a great job on this quirky comedy, with Senior Jasper Ellis leading the show.

This past week I was able to join our PTSA VP Sharon Rosario at the Annual Fullerton Council Spring Luncheon. Big thanks to our PTSA and all they do for our school.

Lastly, there's been some tired Bergs in our household this past week as we have been crate training a new member of the family, up every couple hours to take her out to go potty. But meet Nala, she is like a little lion, but really, she's a Goldendoodle. She'll be a big'un, so we have to make sure to close the dishwasher door because later in life she'll break it. But for now...Super cute!

Have a wonderful weekend Coyotes!

Dr. Berg

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Coyotes of Character

R.I.S.E. Up Spotlight of the Week

Service Before Self

It's the little things we do that can make a positive impact on others. We don't do good things to be recognized, but people recognize when we do good things.

Great job Coyotes of Character!

Jill goes above and beyond in helping her students who are struggling in their academic classes to improve. She checks their grades and communicates with us teachers to make sure her students are on track. She is a great support to her students and we are all lucky to have her at this school. (Ms. Shamassian)

Mrs. Dovel is always looking out for students. She is kind and understanding. She takes time to check in with her students and they feel safe in her class. Students love to learn in her class and are engaged. (Ms. Mansour)

Mr. Vermillion is always meeting with counselors about different students when he is concerned about them. He wants to be helpful to all his students and collaborates with the counseling team to ensure their success. He brings to our attention students who may have needs outside the classroom setting and builds great rapport with his students. (Ms. Mansour)

Congratulations Seniors on your acceptances!

We'll add in a few more each week...keep letting your counselor know!

Angles Scholarship Recipient

Anh Goldberg

Please join our AVID in congratulating Anh Goldberg! This young lady is a true standout and while she is not the only Buena Park High School AVID Senior Standout, she has just been selected as an Angels Baseball Program Scholar!

For those of you who may not know, this is a highly competitive program, begun by the Angels Baseball Organization, designed to provide deserving, driven, highly motivated, highly achieving students the support to attain their Bachelor's Degree debt-free. These students are nominated by their AVID teachers and apply. From there, selected students move through rigorous interviews and if they are selected, it is life-changing.

Angels Baseball supports the selected scholars with a four-year gap scholarship, room, board, meal plan, books, class materials, a travel stipend, a mentor in the organization, participation in the Angels Baseball Scholars Organization, and organization events, among other things.  

BPHS AVID has had 3 AVID students join this elite group in the last 6 years and we are so PROUD of Anh and her achievement. If you see her on campus or have her in class, please take a moment to celebrate her if you can, this is an awesome thing!

The Misadventures of Fernandean

This week our dynamic duo heard of the impending departure of long-time band director Mr. Shetland, so they decided to pay homage to the musical genius, and make sure to bridge the gap between him and his successor. Knowing those will be big shoes to fill, the duo each took a shoe, and literally filled them with their own feet, just to see if the shoes fit. Our duo then set out to impart their own musical expertise on the students in the band class at Buena Park. Little did those students know that both Fernando and Dean have an extensive musical background, one that rivals most musicians in the industry. Only they know the intricacies of their individual stories, that led to the formation of their musical duo, but we can surmise by studying their exploits throughout the rock and roll era of the 60’s, 70s and 80s, that their unique paths only helped shape them into the dynamic duo they are today.

It all started in a little bar in Liverpool England, where Fernando could be heard playing drums with a couple guys named Paul, John, and Stuart.  They were jamming under the name Stuart Sutcliffe and the PJF Band when Fernando suggested they should call themselves The Quarrymen.  The name stuck, but unfortunately Fernando’s car broke down one night while him and Stuart were on their way to a gig, and by the time they got there, Paul and John had met up with a guy named George, and another drummer, changed their name to The Beatles, and told Fernando and Stuart they were parting ways.  Fernando was fine with that, thinking at the time the name was stupid, and the band would never land a Starr drummer like him. Unfortunately, a short time later, Fernando saw the new quartet on The Ed Sullivan Show with one of his students Ringo, and the rest is history. 

Deans journey, similar to Fernando, also began in England, although in and around the London area.  Dean was having mild success playing with an upstart blues influenced rock band called the Yardbirds.  And although his trombone playing was the industry standard at the time, when the band broke up in 1968, Dean decided to follow then drummer Jim McCarty and vocalist Keith Relf to join their new folk rock venture called Together.  Not realizing it was a duo they intended to form, Dean felt as if he was a third wheel, unceremoniously ditched by the two hoping to become the next Simon and Garfunkel. But did that stop Dean, no way! He picked himself up by his bootstraps, or I should say trombone straps, and entered the life of a studio musician.  He can be heard on some of the most iconic tracks of all time: Bohemian Rhapsody, Carry on my Wayward Son, and the Cantina Band from Star Wars to name a few. Later in life he also played on the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack, where he met Johnny Depp; the two are lifelong friends, but that’s a story for another time. It was after a long session recording his parts with Queen where our duo finally met.  Fernando had also entered the life of a studio musician after some short stints with bands such as Chicago, Rush and Journey.  Fernando claims to be the “drummer who paved the way” for the ultimate success of Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Neil Peart (Rush), and Dean Castronovo (Journey).  It was after a jam session with Castronovo, helping him nail the beat that would become the backbone to Don’t Stop Believing, where Fernando ran into his later duo-mate Dean as they both came out of their respective recording sessions.  Finding it hilarious that he spoke with two Deans at the same time, Fernando knew at that moment there was a spark, a musical connection with this second Dean, and they vowed right then and there to form a legendary duo for life. To quote the late Paul Harvey, “and now you know the rest of the story…

Stay tuned for future adventures of Fernandean...

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When my friend's water was shut off I sent him a get well card.

ASB Forum

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Coyote Academy of Visual & Performing Arts


The BPHS Winter Drumline and Color Guard participated in the 2024 FJUHSD Percussion and Color Guard Showcase on Wednesday, April 17th. The Coyotes performed with all of the programs in the District and knocked out another great performance! Special recognition to the Drumline, as it was our very first time performing in the event. Way to go Coyotes!


Congratulations to these students enrolled in the ARM Capstone class, Industrial Automation, who recently earned their 2D iRVision Certification of Completion. This course covers the basic tasks and procedures required for an operator, technician, engineer, or programmer to setup, teach, test, and modify iRVision applications on a R-30iB FANUC Robot Controller. This includes camera setup and calibration, vision process setup, and programming the robot to identify, inspect, and locate parts using its camera. Students are now preparing to take the official NOCTI FANUC Certified Robot Operator with ROBOGUIDE Certification Test in the next couple of weeks.


On Thursday night in Cypress, Junior Joseph Williams was recognized by the Los Alamitos Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America for outstanding citizenship and academic achievement. He also received a certificate from Representative Michelle Steel.  


Advance Floral Design

Congratulations to the following students who earned their advanced level certifications, which recognize students who possess a deeper content knowledge and hands-on practical skills. They represent the highest level of applied knowledge and technical skill attainment. Tier 2 Certification is available in Floriculture and Ag Mechanics (Ag Welding, Power Mechanics, and Advanced Ag Mechanics).

The assessment leading to this certification measures advanced knowledge and performance abilities required to work in industry, through successful task completion. Students holding this certification have achieved proficiency based on standards set forth by Educators and Employers.

Assessment Details The Floriculture T2 Assessment, as part of the Ornamental Horticulture pathway, prepares learners for careers at various levels in the floral industry. The T2 assessment is a hands-on, timed assessment. Assessment components include 1) wired and taped plant material, 2) glued wristlet corsage, 3) hand-tied bouquets, and 4) a duplicate design arrangement.

For successful performance on the T2 assessment, learners must demonstrate the following: • Good organizational skills. • Good time management skills. Learners must finish all four designs within the time allotted. • Use of the appropriate materials from those provided. Learners must also have the ability to understand and interpret the design scenarios provided.  


Last week, Yearbook students worked on making Magazine covers about our incredible school. Here are just a few:

1. Dance created by Destiny Alarcon

2. Football created by Melisa Lemus

3. Baseball created by Cesar Salgado

4. Track created by Areli Ortiz-Victorino

5. Wrestling created by Sean Ortiz



The Coyotes end their softball season 12-14. Along the way, Junior Mia Gonzalez broke a school record. This season, she logged 158 strikeouts.


Congratulations to the Buena Park High School 2024 Varsity Baseball Team. Many records, milestones have been shattered this year. A new record set for most wins in a single season (21-6 record). A CIF appearance for the first time in over 20 years. 2nd place in the Freeway League in its final year, with a league record of 6-4. I am beyond proud of this group of young men. First and foremost thank you to all our Coaches, Players, Parents for dedicating yourself to this program and its culture. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you to Staff, and Admin for everything you guys do. None of this would be achievable without you.  PROUD TO BE A COYOTE!

Boys & Girls Swimming

Buena Park swim swam strong at the Freeway League Finals with multiple kids receiving medals and hitting Cif automatic and consideration times. As of right now we have 14 athletes going to CIF for swim. Going to CIF for swim Elijah Trinidad, Isaac Roque, Jaiden Cervantes, Yony Bautista, Brianna Mora, Heaven Contreras, Zoey Ochoa, Selene Hernandez, Emma Chagollan, Jayden-Starr Smith, Jose Cervantes, Liam Gallego, Phillip Mclean, and Jason Chae.

Youth Athletic Training

Ms. Mansour - Ms. Herreros - Ms. Gallego - Ms. Curtis

Coyote Corner
"Support is just around the corner"
Buena Park High School values all student’s social-emotional health, and we have developed a center that houses resources to support students throughout the day. Students who need a safe place to cope with anxiety, stress or need someone to talk to can visit our COYOTE CORNER (Room 27) at the front of the school. The Corner is open before and after school, during lunch and breaks, by appointment with a therapist, or with a pass from a teacher or administrator. Please stop in and visit and know that "Support is just around the CORNER."

Weekly Wellness Reminder


Hope can be a funny thing. In times of confusion or uncertainty, hope can be the vessel that shifts paradigms or perspectives that get us through that moment, that day, or that circumstance. In times when things don't make sense, believing in the best can help you take that deep breath and keep moving forward. And, reflecting on how we overcame stuff in the past and how those things helped us become who we are today can be what brings hope through challenges that push our character. 

Sometimes, however, hope can just be funny! This week, I want to remind you that laughter can bring hope. Having something to smile about can give you the resilience to face the day. Sharing a funny moment together can activate the chemicals in your brain and body that shift your mood and perspective. So, I've attached funny things to hope for. 

I hope you Enjoy!

We want YOU to be part of our BPHS PTSA! Be in the know of everything BPHS...Help plan some special functions like Grad Nite...Students who are members of PTSA qualify for special scholarships in the spring of their senior year!
It's a great way to be involved!
Students...do you know your SLOs

Student Learning Outcomes

The purpose of SLOs are to increased student awareness of their own learning

Explicitly-stated learning goals give students a way to think and talk about what they have learned. They make it easier for students to “know what they know” and give students a language to communicate what they know to others. Such awareness is considered central to learning that lasts.
Have a Great Week Coyotes!
It's a Great Time to be a Coyote!
We boast an amazingly diverse student body that enriches the campus on a daily basis. Our focus on success means we hold all students to high expectations, and provide a supportive environment in order to help them reach their dreams. The work will be hard, but we provide the means for all students to be connected to high school and gain future college and career ready success.
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