What questions do YOU have about ESD flooring
Like so many people, we will occasionally play around with ChatGPT. Recently, we asked ChatGPT to ask a question about ESD flooring. Here’s what it produced:

What are the benefits of using ESD flooring in electronic manufacturing facilities?

That’s one we have covered in some detail on our website and in this space. Also, in our eBook.

The short answer is ESD flooring mitigates the impact of static electricity in the manufacturing environment. This reduces the risk of damage to products being manufactured and the electronics equipment used in that process. It also protects workers from possible shocks, which could injure them personally or impact their performance and have a negative effect on the product being manufactured. ESD flooring also provides ergonomic benefits that reduce sick time due to injury and possible workers comp claims.

If you have questions about ESD flooring, you shouldn’t ask ChatGPT. Give us a call at 508-583-3200 or drop us a line. And if you’re in the market for new flooring, download our eBook below.
ESD Installation in Operating Factory
There’s something magical about watching our interlocking flooring go down—particularly in an operating factory. Here’s one of our first videos demonstrating that phenomenon. 
Mission Critical and Telecommunications
Mission Critical and Telecommunications operations rely on accurate, continuous audio/video transmission with the ability to store data. Electrostatic discharge in Mission Critical, Dispatch Areas, and other Telecommunications environments can disrupt these transmissions. This can damage sensitive communications and data storage equipment, as well as cause discomfort to dispatch operators via headset discharge. Disruptions such as these can result in the loss of service and, in mission critical environments, compromise the safety of someone in need of immediate help.

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