What makes a technical flooring expert?
You may have heard us refer to ourselves as technical flooring experts. If you’re unsure of what that means, we can break it down into two simple parts:

  1. We understand the science behind ESD
  2. We know flooring

There are very few flooring companies out there who truly understand the science of ESD. SelecTech is a prominent member of the ESD Association, serving and chairing several committees. Our expertise is also sought out by a number of ESD societies. That includes the Electrostatics Society of America and our recent appearance at their conference in Charlotte, NC.

When you work with SelecTech, we do a complete assessment of your flooring situation and present solutions. That assessment is based on science. It also takes other things into consideration like budget—for some companies excessive downtime can be just as big a factor as anything else. Same with ergonomics and how that impacts your bottom line between sick days and worker’s comp.

What makes SelecTech a true technical flooring expert is that we examine all that data and offers options.

If you have a flooring project coming up or want to be sure you’re getting the appropriate ESD control from your current floor, give us a call at 508-583-3200.
Technical Flooring Expert for Imagineering, Inc.
StaticStop Customer Khurrum Dhanji, CEO of Imagineering, Inc., shares his experience with SelecTech and how easy it is to self-install our interlocking flooring products. 
Mission Critical and Telecommunications
Mission Critical and Telecommunications operations rely on accurate, continuous audio/video transmission with the ability to store data. Electrostatic discharge in Mission Critical, Dispatch Areas, and other Telecommunications environments can disrupt these transmissions. This can damage sensitive communications and data storage equipment, as well as cause discomfort to dispatch operators via headset discharge.

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