The next week is a special one! The new year is beginning, and there's a New Moon on January 2nd. This is a very special time, not only in the sense of tradition, but also energetically. Both of these events are the perfect time to let go of the past, decide how you want to move forward, and gather the tools to do so. One of the crystals we suggest for new beginnings is Selenite. That's why, from December 29 - January 4, we're offing select Selenite Specimens and Jewelry at 20% off!

All about Selenite
This crystals' name comes from the Greek word for Moon. You can see why this name fits when you see the shimmery, soft glow of Selenite. When you feel that the energy in your home, office (or any space) feels tense, stuffy or you're having trouble with concentration or creativity, Selenite is the solution! Use Selenite to cleanse, clear and soften the energy in any space. This also works with your physical body, so when you wear Selenite you are carrying the energy of the stone with you.

How to work and care for your Selenite
  • Since this is a calming and peaceful crystal, it makes a perfect companion for your meditation practice. It will help you calm your mind and focus on your goal.
  • Selenite can be used to clear other stones of negative energy. Simply place your crystals on or near your Selenite to cleanse them.
  • Place small pieces of Selenite over your doorways or under your doormat. It works to keep all negative energy from entering your home!
  • Cleanse and charge your Selenite in the moonlight. You can also cleanse it with incense. Do not get Selenite wet - it is a soft stone and will eventually dissolve.
Selenite Logs and Wands

These raw logs and wands are perfect for clearing other stones or directing energy to a specific person or place.
Selenite Pendant with Citrine

Carry the sweet energy of Selenite with you when you wear this pendant. A small piece of Citrine adds pure joy!
Selenite Earrings with Kyanite

This pairing creates a powerful clearing of all obstacles. Kyanite offers protection and balance.
Selenite Heart

You can't get more sweetness than a Selenite Heart! Perfect for friends, family and partners. Approx. 3" wide.
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