Woman– an adult human person whose body and soul are organized to generate new human life within herself, through sexual union with a man.

This approach sees the human person as an integrated whole with biological sex as an inseparable aspect, unlike the gender-identity-based account.

Likewise, we can provide a corresponding definition for men:

Man– an adult human person whose body and soul are organized to generate new human life in relation to a woman, through sexual union with her.

What happens if we try to reject a definition like this, which integrates biological sex with the whole of the person?


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Legal/Policy Updates


Courts – The Good: The USCCB and other Catholic groups filed suit against the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over its harmful distortions of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

At least twenty states announced five separate lawsuits against the Department of Education over its recent changes to Title IX, its imposition of a requirement that students’ participation in sports and other activities be in accordance, not with biological sex, but with “gender identity.”

The Bad: The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge by Maryland parents to a public school policy of not notifying parents of their children's change in identification.

A New York judge overturned Nassau County's requirement that single-sex teams using public athletic facilities act in accord with biological sex. The decision allowed for female-identifying men to participate in a women's roller derby league.


States – The Good: The Alaska House of Representatives advanced legislation to prevent female-identifying male athletes from participating in girls' school sports.

The Louisiana Senate advanced legislation that would require public schools, domestic violence shelters, and correctional facilities to provide separate bathrooms, changing rooms, and sleeping quarters according to biological sex.

The investigation into dangerous practices in the provision of "gender-affirming care" (GAC) for minors expanded in Missouri. Sparked by institutional failures at the Washington University Transgender Center, the state is now examining the work of providers across the state.

The South Carolina Senate advanced legislation to ban GAC for minors and GAC for adults using Medicaid funds.

Tennessee passed a law requiring schools to notify parents if their children request to change their names or pronouns.

The Bad: The Maine Principals' Association made it easier for transgender-identifying students to participate in sports with the opposite sex, now requiring only a simple self-declaration of identity.

Localities – The Bad: Berkeley, CA joined Oakland, CA; Somerville, MA; and Cambridge, MA in extending legal recognition to polyamorous relationships at the municipal level.

International – The Good: The UK government proposed rules for the National Health Service that better respect the reality of biological sex. Under the new rules, transgender-identifying male patients would not be placed in single-sex wards with women, and patients would have the option to request a doctor of the same sex for intimate types of care. The UK government also announced plans to update its education standards to teach about the importance of biological sex instead of gender theory.

The German Medical Association passed two resolutions calling on the government to prohibit GAC for minors outside of clinical trials and to prohibit minors from legally identifying as the opposite sex without a diagnosis from a psychiatrist.

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