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What If You Could Be In Love Right Now?

As you enter the month of hearts and flowers your mind cannot help but turn toward the concept of love. You love things, places, people, pets and ideas yet loving something is so very different than being "in love" with it. Love can flow freely, "in love" maybe not so much. Perhaps to be "in love" the requirement is to begin internally. Perhaps you need to be "in love" with who you are first because that relationship is one that never leaves...it is forever with you.
What would be different in your life if you were really head over heels in love with the person you are? Not the person you want to be, that thinner, or smarter, or wealthier, or fearless one...but the one that genuinely exists... beautiful just the way you are.
What if you accept you without condition? What shifts?
  • For one thing, you can begin today. This is a love affair that you can have right this minute and in the moment. It can start when you decide it can. Now. In the present.
  • Being in love with who you are creates awareness from both your heart and your mind. When you feel and connect with both, it opens up creativity, acceptance, and growth.
  • Loving yourself requires you to nurture YOU! When you are nurturing to yourself you are empowering and rewarding your behaviors and your choices. You are living in alignment.
  • You will be more grateful and happy and less reliant on other people to create this gratitude or happiness for you. This will emanate from within.
  • When acceptance and joy emanate from within, your energy is up, and positive, and contagious to those around you. Which translates to you falling in love with others and with them falling in love with you.
  • BONUS: You are comfortable in your own skin, which allows for change and renewal to organically take place. Confidence knocks fear on its head. 
Try this now: Project Love
Give yourself a present. Give yourself a box of self-love.
Find a nice gift box...any size you would like. Perhaps it is a heart shaped candy box. Those who know me best know that I would choose a jewelry box!
Inside this box you are placing unconditional self-love. Since it is not sold in any store or on line at Amazon, you need to manufacture this yourself in whatever way you want to imagine it. No two boxes will ever be alike. Manifest your vision real or imagined. This is a box of intentions.
Close the lid.
Now wrap the box up as beautifully as possible...so pretty that you would not even want to open it. Give it to yourself in February.
This is a keepsake treasure box for you to hold onto forever. It is your special box of unconditional self-love given to you, by you. Whenever you need an extra dose of love, just go to your box. You can unwrap it if you want to and open and close the box at will, or you can leave it wrapped as a token reminder.
You can be "in love" with you...right now! You are enough! You are beautiful!    

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