This is a common discussion question in our circle after we workout. Here is what some of our members had to say:

Community keeps me accountable and honest; it allows me to be myself

Community is a place where I can take help and support , and give it too, which is important to me. It brings me joy and allows me to give joy, too.

Community allows me to see outside of myself; it's my foundation for my sobriety

Community challenges me to be a better person and makes me feel a part of

Community builds connection and trust . With those two things, I don't feel like I want to use as much

Community inspires me to be more involved in the lives of others

Community, to me, is a place to be around other people . I spend a lot of my time alone and can be awkward and different, but and it's good to be with other people.

What we cannot do alone we can do together

Community makes me feel safe ; it's my family

For us, community is the reason Fit to Recover exists. It is the people who make up our community that make our mission, events, and hard work possible. We are grateful everyday for everyone who is a part of our community- near and far.

Tell us what community means to YOU! Reply to this email, we would love your input!

We have expanded our community in the recent months to include the Salt Lake County Jails. We are grateful for the opportunity to provide workouts in the jail.