Take a look at this year's prizes, below!

Each ticket is $50, with all proceeds being DOUBLE-MATCHED by a very generous donor. That means that for every ticket you purchase, our community raises $150, and you have a chance to win one of many awesome prizes-- including a $3,600 CASH GRAND PRIZE.

Thank you for participating in KM's
coolest fundraiser of the year.

***You're welcome to mail ticket stubs back with your payment OR you can purchase using the link below (and we'll add the stubs to the "kitty" for you)!***
10 Awesome Prizes

Our grand prize is $3,600 in check made payable to Y-O-U. There's no telling what you can do with a windfall like that!

´╗┐Track your steps, get reminders to drink more water, answer calls, listen to music, reply to text messages, read headlines, oh--and tell time! Enjoy your new Series 3 Apple Watch. This thing has all the bells and whistles for 2021.

"Back to the Future 2" certainly had us wanting one of these and in 2021, it's finally here! Power up your Hoverboard 2.0, grab your helmet, and go for a leisurely cruise through the neighborhood or down by the boardwalk. Time machine not included.

Alexa, call Kehillat Ma'arav and tell them "Shabbat Shalom!" Use your new Amazon Echo Dot to play music, call friends, get the weather, run the world. This tiny orb speaker can even control other devices in your smart home (thermostats, locks, lights, and other compatible devices).

Get into a smoothie phase! Or make hummus from scratch. The Ninja Professional Plus has all the ice-crushing power of a real ninja without the sword and weird outfit.

Imagine being able to make your own fancy, fruity, bubbly water at home! Or never have to run out for a Diet Coke ever again. The Soda Stream Fizzi gives you all the effervescence you need to create your own cocktails, colas, and concoctions in your kitchen.

Apple AirPods are the thing to have for all of those Zoom, Webex, and Facetime sessions you're sure to have this year. These tiny little earbuds are wireless and perfect for stationary meetings or active workouts (or for looking like a spy).

What would you buy with a hefty $$$ Amazon gift card? Socks? Perhaps a TV? Potato chips? Jewelry? Office supplies? It's like open season for online shopping.

TVs! Vacuum cleaners! Washer-dryer combos! Computers! Oh my! Fall in love with a new appliance using your $$$ Best Buy Gift Card.

Go ahead--treat yourself. Indulge in a bit of self-care and do some online retail therapy with your hefty $$$ Nordstrom gift card. There's still time to work on your post-quarantine look!
Sushi. Spaghetti. Tacos. Ice cream. Burgers. Fried rice. Hundreds of LA-based restaurants at your fingertips--without even leaving the house. You never need an excuse to order in (or pickup takeout) with a big, ol' Postmates gift card!
Party with Us on Purim!
New this year, we'll be including a Purim Scroll along with your mishloach manot. What better way to share a bit of sunshine with the rest of our community ahead of one of our happiest (and most rambunctious) holiday celebrations? As a reminder, everyone in our congregation receives a mishloach manot package and so everyone will have the opportunity to read your kind words. It's absolutely free to participate. Spread the love!
 Submissions are due by Wednesday, February 17.
Get in the Purim spirit and come in costume! Your creativity (and chutzpah!) will be rewarded. We'll be giving away prizes for Most Creative Costume, Best Individual Costume, Best Family / Group Costume, and Most "On Theme". Weird hats with jingly bells optional, and also very, very welcome!