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MARCH into Spring!
Then onward with women's history all year~
The Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council loves Women’s History Month and encourages community organizations to dig into their own pasts, especially during March. But we also try to honor women and their rich history throughout each year!
Today, we love that we can march with women through this week! Join GGRWHC and History Detectives on Tuesday to celebrate a 50th anniversary and honor the amazing Elly Peterson. On Wednesday, join the Kutsche Office of Local History’s Roundtable for an update on the Women’s Way project, on which GGRWHC has partnered. And on Thursday, stretch boundaries with Anne and Emmett, a play illustrating what it was like to be Emmett Till’s mother and Anne Frank--as well as Emmett Till and Anne Frank’s father. Scroll down~
TUESDAY, March 22nd is the 50th anniversary of the date Congress sent the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) to the states in 1972! Celebrate this by honoring Michigan’s Elly Peterson, then national co-chair of ERAmerica with us. Here, Peterson is pictured checking numbers of signatures with ERA supporter President Gerald R. Ford. 

Join us on Zoom at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, whether you know nothing so far about Peterson or have read her biography: Elly Peterson,“Mother” of the Moderates. You could even skim a little in a free electronic version of the book from Read Michigan
Or check out Wiki and something else in between! But come—either to remember personally Peterson’s pioneering career in politics or to learn afresh about a forebear whose work paved the way for women today. Peterson’s is a missing chapter in the political history of Michigan, as well as the United States. 

As a woman who was a “first” in numerous political arenas during the 1960s and 70s, Peterson knew major political players from the president to antagonist Phyllis Schlafly of the recent Mrs. America. Meet “Elly” at 7:00 pm on Tuesday via ZOOM

Sponsored by History Detectives - Grand Rapids and the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council. For more information, call (616) 574-7307 or send to grwomenshistory@gmail.com

On Wednesday, March 23rd, learn what it means to "live with history"! Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.'s Kimberly Van Driel will show how murals can transform public spaces with larger-than-life local history. The GGRWHC is proud to have worked with Kim on the Women's Way GR initiative, highlighting extraordinary women from the city's past on walls downtown.

On Thursday, March 24th, at 7:00 pm attend Anne and Emmett at Loosemore Auditorium on GVSU’s downtown campus. Presented by Ebony Road Players, the drama imagines a conversation between Anne Frank and Emmett Till in a realm called "Memory" and brings together on stage the two young victims of hatred who died in obscurity, yet whose lives are now remembered across the globe.
FREE parking, admission, and food! Parking is available in the Winter lot after 6:30 and there will be pre-performance light appetizers, a talk-back, and cookies/coffee after the play. Ebony Road Productions
For more information or for a parking pass that can be used before 6:30 p.m., please contact Professor Rob Franciosi, Dept. of English, 616-331-3069/ francior@gvsu.edu 

The Greater Grand Rapids is proud to have been a partner in History Detectives since 2011. Our past programming can be found here: https://historydetectivesgr.org/past-programs/
In 2022 HD went virtual, and its new website is rich with information: https://historydetectivesgr.org/

You can still watch January 2022 on its YouTube channel! Check out 2022’s virtual brochure


Watch for ongoing 50th anniversaries during 2022! We will celebrate Title IX on June 23rd. Then the Council will continue to offer glimpses of 1970s women’s activism throughout 2022-2023 by framing out local and state-level efforts during this decade rich in women’s history.
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Hats off to the historical women who've shaped West Michigan!
During 2022, in all aspects of our work, we will continue to honor the long list of accomplishments of area women and their costly battles for the right of full participation in their community. We have also recommitted to efforts highlighting women’s history in all its varieties.

We are making plans to return to in-person programming. So keep track of developments by following us via our website (ggrwhc.org), this electronic newsletter; Facebook, etc. Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay exercised!