Transforming Animal Welfare:
Pet Adoption Center Turns 1!
Our new Pet Adoption Center is 1 year old! And after 12 months of caring for pets and working in our spacious and quiet new digs, we can affirm wholeheartedly that it has been a transformative experience and helped us in our livesaving mission. And we couldn’t have done it without you!

If you’ve forgotten, the conditions in our old shelter were noisy and stressful, with all the dogs under one roof in kennels with cement floors and chain-link doors. It was an unpleasant experience for pets and people alike.

“The new building has given pets opportunities for success that they wouldn’t have had in our old building,’’ said Director of Animal Welfare, Sarah Moody Cook. Dogs and cats both have more space in quieter rooms with better ventilation with noise-absorbing flooring and kennels with glass doors.

Right from the start, it was stunning to see the animals so much calmer and more rested in the new building. With less agitation, there’s a lot less barking!

Recently, a sweet but shy dog named Lindor came to the shelter and got to stay in one of our spacious and quiet dog
lounges. He was able to relax, settle in and come out of his shell at his own pace,
A relaxed kitty in the cat lounge with a staffer.
eventually blossoming into a very loving boy.
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Guinea Pig Rescue Update!
Guinea pigs to be available
for adoption soon!
We wanted to update you on the status of 54 guinea pigs -- many of them pregnant -- who were rescued from hoarding situation and filthy, inadequate housing conditions in late August.

Due to the large number of animals needing assistance, 37 of the guinea pigs went to rescue partners throughout the Puget Sound region. This was a great
help! And Kitsap Humane Society foster parents were eager to help us care for the mamas, as well.

In recent weeks, many of the mamas have been having babies in foster homes or are due to have them soon. Keep an eye on the Available Pets section of our website with instructions on how to adopt if you're looking to add a guinea pig to your family. We're also partnering with Silverdale PetSmart to adopt out these darling pocket pets. Stay tuned!
Adorable Adoptable
Meet Gunner!
This month’s Adorable Adoptable is Gunner!

Gunner is a 3-year-old black lab mix who is a total goofball! Gunner loves to play in the water -- whether he’s splashing around in the kiddie pool, running through the sprinkler or dipping his toes in the water at the beach.

If there is water around, you can usually find Gunner playing in it. Gunner also loves playing fetch and is a big fan of tennis balls. Gunner is an active dog who is looking for his next adventure buddy. He enjoys going for walks, runs, and hikes. He also loves food puzzles, snuffle mats, and Kongs -- these are fun activities that can help him work his brain while he also enjoys yummy treats.

Gunner would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard for him to run and play in. He needs a home with kids over 12 and no male dogs.
Volunteer Spotlight
Meet Lisa Ottenbacher!
Lisa became a volunteer at KHS in 2016, after much imploring from her son who was also a volunteer at the time.

Four years later and with just over 941 hours of service under her belt, Lisa is as dedicated and enthusiastic as ever. Lisa has helped with everything from photo team and laundry, to dog walking and behavior department support. 

As a lead dog walker, Lisa is especially passionate about working with dogs that have specific behavior needs. She is a huge advocate for the shy kids and has been a regular presence in the relax room to help dogs unwind out of the kennel.

During COVID, you can find Lisa walking dogs and providing leadership for her
fellow walkers every week.

Additionally, she is as active as ever in the newly developed enrichment plus program. You might find her passing out in-kennel enrichment items to the pups, romping around with a pooch in the play yard, or spending time in Behavior and Training Room 2 with a shy kid for some much needed relax and cuddle time.

Thanks, Lisa, for all you do for the dogs at Kitsap Humane Society!
Staff Spotlight
Meet Holly Hunter!
September 2020 marked Holly’s 9-year anniversary here at Kitsap Humane Society. Holly is an integral part of the veterinary team as a senior vet assistant, playing a key role in both our surgery and shelter medicine departments.

Holly has assisted the surgical team with thousands of procedures over the years ranging from routine spay/neuter to complex orthopedic operations. She also plays a key role in our shelter medicine department -- not only providing excellent care to our patients receiving treatment, but also overseeing the inventory of our medical supplies as well as training new team members and volunteers.

Holly is dedicated to the mission of KHS and has helped to save thousands of lives. She has helped to care for over 50,000
shelter pets, and with her help the team has performed over 40,000 spay/neuter surgeries.

Holly is an invaluable member of KHS
family, we are so lucky to have her caring
for the homeless and underserved pets in our community!
Community Spotlight
Peninsula Subaru
This month we're putting our paws together for long-time supporters and animal-lovers, Peninsula Subaru! Peninsula Subaru is committed to making the world a better place and has helped over 230,000 pets in need all over the nation through the Subaru Loves Pets promise.
We are thrilled to have Peninsula Subaru as our Presenting Sponsor for our first-ever virtual Animal Krackers! Thanks to Peninsula Subaru, we are able to raise thousands of dollars for shelter pets in need of veterinary care, foster placement, behavior enrichment,
and more.
Tune in to Animal Krackers on Oct.16 to see our friends from Peninsula Subaru (two-legged and four-legged), shelter pets, magic, and other surprises. Thank you for your incredible support, Peninsula Subaru!
More than ever, Americans are thinking about their estate plans
Before the pandemic, it was estimated that more than two-thirds of Americans (68 percent) did not have a will. Now, things might be changing. In the COVID-19 era, many Americans have shown great interest in their estate plans.

National Estate Planning Week was established to raise awareness of the importance of estate planning for all, whatever stage of life you’re in.  And it’s just around the corner – Oct. 19-25, 2020— a perfect time to set up a meeting with an attorney or advisor to discuss your wishes. 

Many people choose to include organizations and causes they care about and have supported during their lifetime with a planned or legacy gift – through a will, living trust, or other financial asset. 
If animals and pet lifesaving are close to your heart, Kitsap Humane Society would be honored to speak with you about the ways a gift through your estate plan will continue to save animals’ lives and promote a more humane community. Please contact Paula Rimmer, Director of Development, at Kitsap Humane Society – or 360.692.6977, ext 1251
Bainbridge Island Animal Lovers Help KHS Save Lives!
The generosity of Bainbridge Islanders -- more than 2,500 strong -- helps Kitsap Humane Society care for more than 6,000 animals each year.

Your support ensures that KHS is there when pets and people need us most.

Please remember the animals through One Call for All by donating to Kitsap Humane Society!
Many Thanks to Our Grand Shelter Sponsor:
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