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July 2020
Eileen's Lesson
Don't leave your HR to luck.

Have you ever used those subscription services through Amazon or Target? I use them all the time for household staples like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, toothpaste….
Around this time last year, I started a subscription for toilet paper. What I did not realize is that I had set up more than one subscription and with more than one service. 

Basically, by the time the summer of 2019 (aka summer of toilet paper) ended we had about 7 mega packs (24 rolls each) of toilet paper. I debated returning the items, but when my hubby and I discussed it, we joked and decided to just pause the subscriptions, laughed and said, “You never know, there might be a run on TP over the next year”.

Well, I think you know what happened. I wouldn’t call us psychics or amazing planners, it was just a lucky silver lining to a horribly embarrassing oversight. Meaning, it would be foolish to think that our pandemic planning was anything but luck.

How about you? Are you leaving your HR planning to luck? If so, it's probably best to call The HR Team for experienced HR advice and guidance.

Oh, and as for the TP situation, I can proudly say that we are now down to our last 24 pack. 

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Important Policy Changes, Reopening Guidance & Training

We hope you and your team members have remained safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 health crisis. It's a challenging time in the world, and the pandemic is casting a new light on the way we live and work.

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Master the Art of Hosting Virtual Business Meetings

Companies in every industry are dependent on them to collaborate with team members, keep projects moving forward, and communicate with clients. Taking the right approach to your virtual sessions can ensure a successful outcome every time.

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Industry News You Can Use
The one phrase that can transform your effectiveness at work

Conversely, there are also words that throw open the doors to better communication. Few people know this better than Alexandra Carter, negotiation trainer for the United Nations and director of the Mediation Clinic at Columbia University Law.

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Faking COVID-19 Illness Can Have Serious Consequences

Employees who fake coronavirus-related illnesses to get out of work-though doing so may be rare-could lose their jobs and face criminal penalties. Additionally, businesses may have to take costly steps to clean the worksite and trace contacts.

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