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Scarpello Group's Practice Intelligence Solution is an off-the-shelf business tool that transforms how your CCH data is organized. Once implemented for your firm, you can start making intelligent business decisions based on the data you are already collecting.

The best part: it requires no additional work from your firm to set up. Simply provide us with your CCH Data Axcess Utility (DAU) file and we will make the backend connections for you. Then, within days you can start seeing your data differently through your personalized, interactive dashboard. You will be answering all your data-driven questions with just a few clicks.

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Scarpello Consulting provides clients with a variety of cost-savings measures based on tax incentives and regulation such as Cost Segregation Studies and §45L Reports.
Now, through the Scarpello Group, the team can provide clients with turn-key data analytics. In the years to come, both teams strive to create the answers to unique business problems, focusing on identifying break-through cost-savings measures that allow businesses to operate more efficiently.