There have been many news reports recently about the developing El Niño weather pattern and its impact on winter weather in Seattle. As keen observers of the weather forecast, we are aware of how this pattern could affect both the landscape we maintain and the potential need for winter weather services we provide. Below is research we have conducted on the likelihood of cold, snowy conditions.


Although El Niño typically results in warmer and drier winters, two of Seattle's snowiest winters have been El Niño years. In 2018-19, a series of December snowstorms brought Seattle to a standstill, making it the city's snowiest winter on record with 21 inches of snow. https://www.seattlemet.com/news-and-city-life/2023/11/el-nino-seattle-winter-weather

Given the El Niño forecast of a warm, dry winter, why did we have one of the earliest cold snaps in late October and experience heavy rain in the past few weeks? It is important to remember that weather forecasting is complex and uncertain. Regardless of whether or not we have snow this winter, we expect some sort of hazardous winter weather and are prepared to act quickly when it comes. http://www.pacscape.com/services/snow-ice.php

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