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On the Fourth of July we celebrate our nation's Independence. Freedom as our birth right is definitely worth celebrating proudly. But what about freedom in the area of health? Patients often express feeling trapped by their pain or condition. This is never true. Life-force is always moving, we just need to get that life-force energy moving toward health and away from dis-ease.

This month we are dedicating this newsletter to helping you free your emotions and health with the Chinese Medical Energy Channel Organ Clock.

According to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory, our body has 12 primary energetic channels. Each energetic channel is connected with one of 12 organs or systems in our body. Every two hours Qi (vital force) movement peaks in one of the 12 organs/systems.

I often use the the Organ Body Clock to help determine the organ responsible for a patient’s pain, stress or disease. Patients (like you) deserve to be able to sleep, feel energized, and lead happy, productive, pain free lives.

At InnerMovement we have solutions! We recommend patients start with lifestyle modification that coordinate with area's of the Chinese Medical Energy Channel Organ Clock such as:

  1. Perform Deep breathing to help fall back to sleep.
  2. Avoid very cold air conditioning while sleeping.
  3. Perform child pose to get the blood circulating into the gut.
  4. Eat foods warm or room temperature to improve digestion.
  5. Take a Power Nap for heart health.
  6. Avoid mental activities after 7pm.

Below is a more detailed description of how to read the Chinese Medicine clock and relate it to your health + additional 'hands on' solutions you can schedule at InnerMovement to alleviate these painful conditions.

I can review the Chinese Medical Energy Channel Organ Clock with you at our next session in order to empower you with long term wellness strategies that help free your emotional blocks, manage your stress, track your mindfulness, and maintain optimal health one hour at a time.

If you are NEW to Acupuncture, Mention this article and get a free massage with your initial Acupuncture visit. If you are an EXISTING Acupuncture patient, but have not been in for a while, reply to this email for a free virtual consultation to discuss your condition and hear about awesome specials to get you back under care.

Its always a good time to ask yourself “What time is it on my Organ Clock?” Let's discuss on your next visit.

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Learn About the Chinese Medicine Organ Clock
Relate the Chinese Medicine clock to your health + additional 'hands on' solutions you can schedule at InnerMovement to alleviate these painful conditions.
3-5 AM: Lungs 
If woken at this time, do nerve soothing exercises such as deep breathing exercises to let go and relax. Also, avoid freezing your lungs with the air conditioning at this time because the lungs need warmth for optimal circulation to replenish the body with oxygen.
5-7 AM: Large Intestine
The peak time for a bowel movement and removing toxins from the day before is at 5-7 AM. It is also the ideal time to let go and release toxic feelings instead of holding onto them and being stuck. Recommendation: child pose gets the blood circulating into the gut and intestines because the gut is above the head and the legs are bent like a water hose creating increases gut perfusion.
7-9 AM: Stomach
This is the best time of the day to eat the biggest warm/room temperature meal of the day to optimize digestion and absorption.

9-11 AM: Pancreas and Spleen
Optimal release of enzymes occurs at this time to help digest food and release energy for the day ahead. This is the ideal time to exercise and work. Do your most taxing tasks at this time. Emotions such as low self-esteem, too much thinking, and worry injure the spleen.
Recommendation: mantras such as “I am unique” for low self esteem; or, Google a mantra for “overthinking” that speaks to your spirit.
11 AM-1 PM: Heart
Drink aromatic teas with a light, cooked meal to help the heart pump nutrients through the body. Or, take a power nap. Feelings of extreme joy or excitement injure the heart at this time. Stay calm.

1-3 PM: Small Intestines
Food eaten earlier in the day will complete its digestion and assimilation between 1-3 PM. The small intestine channel energy runs up the lateral arm, the shoulder, upper back, neck, and ends at the ear to give your body the nutrients it needs to finish up strong. If you notice neck and trapezius tension, schedule a Chiropractic session at InnerMovement so we can clear the pressure on the nerves that weigh you down making it harder to move through life.
3-5 PM: Bladder
During this time, metabolic wastes move into the kidney’s filtration system. This is the perfect time for another cup of tea
because drinking increases fluids during this two hour interval helps aid the detoxification processes via urination.

5-7 PM: Kidneys
The kidneys work to maintain the proper chemical balance of the blood. Support your kidneys by having dinner or activate your circulation either by walking, having a massage at InnerMovement, or stretching. Subconscious thoughts of fear peak during these hours. Slay those dragons with a fierce Warrior 1 Pose.
7-9 PM: Cardiovascular Circulatory System
This is the peak time for nutrients to be carried to the capillaries, venules, and cells. Avoid doing mental activities at this time. This is the perfect time to have sex or conceive. 

9-11 PM: Endocrine/Thermostat System
You can set your thermostat, bring the body into homeostasis, and thereby replenish enzymes by going to sleep; conserve energy for the following day. If you are feeling paranoia or insomnia, go online to and schedule an Acupuncture session.
11 PM-1 AM: Gall Bladder 
Rest because during this period of time the yin (coolness) energy fades and yang (heat) energy begins to grow. Yang (heat) energy is stored at this time so you can use it for the coming new day (the way you turn on a stove because it has gas and fire to combustion and heat up food). Tossing and turning during this time may indicate feelings of indecision.

1-3 AM: Liver 
At this crucial time, the majority of our blood moves in the liver for our nightly cleanse. During this time, toxins are released from the body and fresh new blood is made. If you find yourself waking during this time, you could have problems with your your detoxification path. Cupping and/or a liver/gallbladder cleanse is exactly what you need to help her your liver back on track. Schedule your cupping and detox consultation at (818-549-1300).
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