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What Needs To Change In Oregon?
  December , 2017  
What Only Oregon Citizens As Voters Can Accomplish

Here is a partial but significant list of policies and issues that Oregon Voters can change or affect if they had the will, know how, and determination to do so:

  • Tax payer funding of Abortion
  • Public Safety
  • Immigration Policy
  • Sanctuary Cities and State
  • Threats to Second Amendment Rights
  • Re-establishment of Religious Liberty
  • Parental Rights in Education
  • Implementation of Ideological Agendas
  • Using the public schools as tools for indoctrination
  • Oregon as "Petri Dish" Social Experimentation
  • Partisan Control of the State Legislature
  • Trifecta State Government
  • Restoration of Responsible Fiscal Policy
  • Cultural, economic and spiritual transformation
Unless Evangelical and Born Again Christians as well as sensible Independents and Unaffiliated citizens awaken to the dangers ahead from radical elected and unelected officals in Oregon State and Federal Government, and take action, we will unnecessarily relinquish our First and Second Amendment rights as well as our  voice in government to an intolerant, anti God, secular minority, and sooner than we might think. 

Rightfully, lawfully, and wisely implemented, that does not need to happen.

Restore America has the will and know how. We simply need you to support us financially to make it happen
Praying Patriot
"Our cause is noble; it is the cause of mankind!"
George Washington

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